Træskohage Lighthouse viewed from the air

Discover the coast

Photo: Morten V. Kristiansen

With more than 266 kilometres of coastline from Norsminde in the north to Vejle Fjord in the south and the islands in the East Jutland Archipelago, there are enough coastal experiences to choose from. See the selection here and be inspired by great experiences along the coast.

Here along the coasts of the Coastal Land, where the splash of water meets the country’s adventures, you will find some of Denmark’s best and most child-friendly beaches along the Odder Coast and in Juelsminde, as well as dramatic coastline and hilly forest along the north side of Vejle Fjord.


Relax on the beautiful beaches

Do you want it swim in calm water, soak up the sun in the soft sand, go for walks along the beach or catch fish from the shore? With 266 km of coastline, there are plenty of beautiful beaches to choose from in the Coastal Land. Here is an overview.

Hiking routes on the east coast of Jutland

The east coast of Jutland is a perfect hiking country. Here beautiful calm beaches alternate with the fjords’ varied countryside on beautiful signposted hiking routes. Kystlandet is guaranteed to have a route for you.

Træskohage Lighthouse
Photo: Hotel Vejlefjord

Træskohage Lighthouse

On the northern side of Vejle Fjord you will find, Træskohage Lighthouse, which is a beautiful and recognizable landmark for the area around Stouby and Hotel Vejlefjord. The birdwatching tower and lig...


Experience the cosy harbour atmosphere in one of our many harbour towns

Is there anything better than rocking boats in the marina with life and happy days along the quayside when the sound of laughter and chatter mingles with clinking cutlery from the diners? Come and experience, for instance, Juelsminde Harbour and our many other cosy harbour towns.

Turridning Endelave - guided horseback riding tours
Photo: Kristoffer Loft

Turridning Endelave - guided horseback riding tours

Experience the sunny island of Endelave from horseback. With Turriding Endelave you are guaranteed a fun experience for both children and adults whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider.


Child-friendly beaches in the Coastal Land

Calm and shallow water, lots of space and places to eat and facilities nearby. In Kystlandet you will find some of East Jutland’s most child-friendly beaches, and with 266 kilometres of varied coastline, there is plenty to choose from. Here you get our recommendations for the best of


The best ice cream in the Coastal Land

Where is the best ice cream in the Coastal Land? Here you have our suggestions for the most delicious ice cream in Odder, Horsens and Juelsminde. Try them and decide for yourself!

En mand og en kvinde går ved Tunø Strand ved hytter i Destination Kystlandet
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Camping near the coast

Feel nature up close and enjoy camping life to the sound of rolling waves, water games and cosy beach life. Here you will find campsites along the Coastal Land’s 266 km. long coastline on the East Jutland coast.

An angler fishing from the coast in Destination Costal Land
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Catch fish from the Coast

With the winding coastline changing direction in many places, there is a good chance of catching fish when you cast your line into, for example, Horsens Fjord, Vejle Fjord or the Kattegat. See the options here.


The Danish national cycle route 5 (East Coast Route) – Bike along the coastline

Where to on your cycling holiday? In Kystlandet along the eastern coastline of the peninsula of Jutland in Denmark, you find beautiful cities, cultural history, and varied landscapes. Follow this signposted route and get a real feel of the coast and all its adventures.

Staksrode Forest
Photo: Jens Kjær

Staksrode Forest

Near Juelsminde and along Vejle Fjord you will find one of Denmark’s most beautiful forests. In the hilly nature forest, you will find East Jutland's most dramatic coastline with high slopes down towa...

Bench at Daugaard Beach along the north side of Vejle Fjord on the Juelsminde Peninsula - part of Destination Coastal Land
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Take a trip to the beach

The Coastal Land’s beaches are not only an invitation for beach fun and swimming when the sun is shining. Here you can also experience dramatic coastlines, be all alone while listening to the waves crash or take the kids out and collect stones and shells. Find the nearest beach right here.

The Coastal Land has more than 266 kilometres of coastline from Norsminde in the north to Vejle Fjord in the south and the islands in the East Jutland Archipelago