Children playing on the white sandy beach in Saksild

Child-friendly beaches in the Coastal Land

Photo: Jesper Rais

Calm and shallow water, lots of space and places to eat and facilities nearby. In Kystlandet you will find some of East Jutland’s most child-friendly beaches, and with 266 kilometres of varied coastline, there is plenty to choose from. Here you get our recommendations for the best of

The best beaches of Kystlandet

Sun, summer and a swim in the blue sea! Is there anything better on a Danish summer day? Here is our suggestion for the best, softest and most child-friendly sandy beaches in Kystlandet


Lifeguard tower at Saksild Beach with guests on the beach
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Saksild Beach

Do you and the children love clear water to swim in, a soft sandy bottom and a wonderful coastline as far as the eye can see? Then Saksild Beach on the Odder coast is just the thing for you. Here there are also good toilet facilities, a lifeguard tower, an ice cream parlour, restaurants and the opportunity to hire kayaks, paddleboards and buy beach equipment a few metres from the beach. Have a great trip!

Beach atmosphere at the Great Beach (Storstranden) in Juelsminde - part of the Coastal Land
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

The Great Beach (Storstranden) in Juelsminde

Wide, quiet and very child-friendly beach in Juelsminde, centrally located near the buzzing town life in Denmark’s perhaps most beautiful harbour town. Here you get lovely ice cream, a cosy marina and a beach with good facilities, a brand new jetty and plenty of space. Juelsminde in the summer is indescribably charming.

Children playing on the playground at Horsens City Camping at Husodde Beach in Horsens - part of the Coastal Land
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Husodde Beach in Horsens

Not many kilometres from the centre of Horsens you will find Husodde Beach. A child-friendly sandy beach with a jetty, playground, public toilets and the opportunity to play mini golf or buy an ice cream at the neighbouring Horsens City Camping. The beach is located in a beautiful area with a view of Horsens Fjord.

Girl running along Hou Beach at Hou Strand Camping while the grandparents watch in the background
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Hou Beach

Hou Beach on the Odder coast has a beautiful sandy bottom, stunning views of Tunø and Samsø and is only a few hundred metres from the cosy harbour town of Hou. In fact, this beach is one of the few beaches in Denmark that is truly disabled-friendly. A wheelchair slideway for the wide bathing jetty ensures that everyone can get right out to the water’s edge on hot summer days

Drone photo Endelave
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Endelave's Beaches

The small island of Endelave in the Kattegat off the coast of Hous has several child-friendly beaches because there are shallow water all around the island. You can either swim at the small harbour or at one of the fine beaches around the island. See where here!

Jetty by the beach at As Vig close to Juelsminde - part of the Coastal Land
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

As Vig Beach

This fine beach is beautifully located in As Vig Bay. You can stock up for the trip in the holiday cottage area nearby and park your car in a large car park right by the water. Easy!

Lovely swimming water at Rude Beach on the Odder coast - part of Destination Coastal Land
Photo: Claus Buur

Rude Beach

Rude Beach is a very child-friendly sandy beach in Saksild Bay, a little north of Saksild Beach. The beach is sheltered behind high bluffs, from which there is an excellent view of the sea

Drone photo of Tunø an island in The East Jutland archipelago
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Tunø's beaches

Hop on the ferry from Hou towards the small island of Tunø in the Kattegat. Here it is easy to find an undisturbed spot on one of the island’s small pebble or sandy beaches, where you can be at peace.

lifebuoy at Langelinie Beach
Photo: Hanne Nielsen

Langelinie City Beach in Horsens

A stone’s throw from the centre of Horsens you will find this small summer oasis, which with a thick layer of soft sand and a 100-metre long jetty, is a lovely place to swim with the children. Around the beach there are good facilities with toilets, an ice cream parlour and shopping facilities within a short distance.


Bench at Daugaard Beach along the north side of Vejle Fjord on the Juelsminde Peninsula - part of Destination Coastal Land
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Daugaard Beach (Vejle Fjord)

On the north side of Vejle Fjord you will find Daugaard Beach in a beautiful and hilly area. The beach is Blue Flag approved for swimming and has a green area with a car park and toilets.


Other good places to swim

If you don’t like too much sand between your toes, the beach is not the only place you can have a fun day swimming.

Stay close to the beach

Wake up to a morning dip in the sea and enjoy the light summer evenings on the beach. Here are our suggestions for where to stay close to the beach and water.