Dreng på vandretur ved kysten

Hiking routes on the east coast of Jutland

Photo: Jesper Rais

The east coast of Jutland is a perfect hiking country. Here beautiful calm beaches alternate with the fjords’ varied countryside on beautiful signposted hiking routes. Kystlandet is guaranteed to have a route for you.

Get sand in your hiking boots and wind in your hair

Kystlandet’s coastline offers a lovely and varied hiking landscape. From the wide sandy beaches of the Odder coast to the winding and varied countryside of Horsens Fjord, the beautiful beach-covered bays of Juelsminde Peninsula and the fairytale forests of Vejle Fjord. The area’s 266 kilometre long coastline is an invitation to many hiking routes for all tastes. We guide you to the best routes and give you an overview. 

Our best tips

Sign by the beach on the Snaptun-Juelsminde Coastal Path
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

The Snaptun-Juelsminde Coastal Path (22 km)

Experience the entire coastline of the Juelsminde Peninsula out to the Kattegat on this popular route, which is among the most varied and exciting coastal routes in Denmark. Forest, beach, agriculture, manor houses, meadows and cosy harbour towns are on the menu on the trip to the resort town of Juelsminde. Take the trip in one go or select a part of the route. There are many parking options and bus connections along the entire route. Parking at the harbour in Snaptun. 


The Fjordmino - Around Horsens Fjord (approx. 60 km)

Horsens Fjord’s beautiful landscape with forest, rural idyll, islands and harbour towns can be explored on this route. With the help of a bicycle ferry, it is possible to cross the fjord with stops on the islands of Alrø and Hjarnø. The route is still under development, but most of the trip is already signposted. During the trip you will discover Horsens new harbour, the beautiful forest area of Sondrup Hills, Boller Castle and fine panoramic routes along the coast. 

Girl running along Hou Beach at Hou Strand Camping while the grandparents watch in the background
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

The coastal path at Hou (Round trip - 10 km)

The signposted coastal path at Hou takes you along the fine beaches of the Odder coast from Hou to Hølken Beach and back through the ferry town of Hou. Along the way, there are optimal opportunities to enjoy the summer weather with an ice cream or a dip in the gentle waves of the Kattegat. There is parking in several places in Hou town - including at the official car park for Hou Beach on Villavej and at Hølken Beach. 

Small country track at Borre Knob
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Borre Knob (Round trip - 4 km)

Borre Knob is a beautiful natural gem in Horsens Fjord. The elongated peninsula is known by few, but it is possible to take the beautiful walk out to the tip on both sides of the peninsula on the beach and on inland trails. From the tip there is a beautiful view and a good overview of the fjord islands. Borre Knob is known as the peninsula of roses due to the many rose bushes, but there is also forest and a lake here. On the peninsula it is quite peaceful, and there is an opportunity to eat at the picnic site on the east side. Parking at the car park at the end of Søborgvej. 


As Hoved (Round trip - 8 km)

As Hoved is a significant tip in the landscape on the coast between Snaptun and Juelsminde, which is known among sailors and fishermen. The area is characterised by a forest with fine trails, and a high slope down to the sea. Park the car at Palsgaard Slotspark (Castle Park) on Palsgaardvej and walk the the beautiful manor alley to the forest. You can combine the trip with a visit to the castle park, which is among the most beautiful and largest in Denmark. 


Norsminde - around Kysing Næs (Round trip 3 km

The beautiful small harbour town at the entrance to Norsminde Fjord offers a maritime atmosphere and great places to eat. This tour takes you through the harbour environment and around the small headland on the south side of the fjord along grass paths. Parking by the harbour. 


The Heart Path in Saksild (Round trip - 2.8 km)

Round trip of the area by the popular swimming beaches at Saksild and Dyngby. Walk on the beach one way and return through the cosy holiday cottage area. The Health Path at Saksild consists of two loops, of which this is the longest. You can extend the trip with the short loop of 1.8 km. The nearest parking option is the public car park at Saksild Beach on Plantagevej. 


The Planet Path and Boller Castle (approx. 4.5 km)

From Horsens town, this nice path goes on the south side of Horsens Fjord to Boller Neder Forest with a beautiful view of the fjord. During the trip you can learn more about our solar system. At the end of the Planet Path is Boller Breakwater with a beautiful view over Horsens. Boller Castle is in the old forest, which has a beautiful flower park with the opportunity to enjoy a packed lunch. If necessary, extend the trip with a round trip of the forest. There is parking at the new park Bakkelunden on Bjerrevej in Horsens or near the castle on Boller Slotsvej. 

Path at Husodde
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

The Husodde Path (approx. 2 km)

The Husodde Path runs on the north side of Horsens Fjord from Horsens to Husodde Beach. The raised path has a fine covering and a magnificent view. At the Blue Flag beach in Husodde, there is a shop, toilets and good opportunities to sit at the many benches. The trip can be extended with the town parks of Strandparken and Langelinie and the new harbour in Horsens. Parking at Strandparken on Strandparkalle or at Husodde Beach (Husoddevej). 


The Treatment Paths at Vejle Fjord (Round trip 1.5-2.4 km)

At the beautiful old sanatorium south of Stouby, which today serves as one of the country’s best spa and wellness hotels, lies a breathtaking park on the edge of the forest with old historic hiking trails. The Treatment Paths were once used to treat tuberculosis patients. Today, they are publicly available to all. There are four signposted spa paths, each with its own colour, 1.5-2.4 kilometres long. For example, take the trip up the spiral-shaped snail hill, to Træskohage lighthouse, through the forest and down to the jetty by the small beach. Parking at Hotel Vejlefjord on Sanatorievej. 


Gyllingnæs (Round trip - 9 km)

Take the trip out to the tip of the large Gyllingnæs peninsula. This trip goes along the west coast of the peninsula from the ford, which is located at the end of a small gravel road. The trip is primarily on the beach, and along the way you will pass the lovely peninsula’s beautiful manor house. The last stretch of way out to the tip of the peninsula, Kalsenakke, you walk along Kalsehoved forest. On the way back you can go inside the forest for the sake of variety. It is not possible to continue the trip along the east coast. Parking at Vadegrunden. 

Jetty at Sondrup Beach
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Sondrup Beach (approx. 2 km)

Sondrup Strand is located quite peacefully in the countryside by Skablund Forest on the north side of Horsens Fjord. This short walk goes along the coast west of the beach on alternating gravel and grass paths. The trip ends at Vorsøvej. Here you can extend the walk by turning left and continuing towards Brigsted. You can also go for a walk in the cosy village of Sondrup Strand or combine it with a walk around the beautiful countryside of Sondrup Hills. Parking by the public car park from Sondrupvej. 


Around Bjørnsknude (approx. 3 km)

Juelsminde town is surrounded by beach on three sides. From the popular marina you can walk on a lovely path on Storstranden, which leads out to the distinctive tip of the landscape, Bjørnsknude. From here you have a magnificent view of Funen, the Little Belt, Endelave and Samsø. The trip continues on the other side of the tip along Grønbjerggaard Beach. Make the walk a round trip by walking back through the town, or follow Bjørnsknudevej back to Storstranden. Parking at the harbour or in the large car park at Rousthøjs Alle/Juelsminde Strand Camping. 

Beach guests on Hou Beach
Photo: Hou Strandcamping

Hou-Saksild on the beach (8 km)

There are many kilometres of uninterrupted beach on the Odder coast. On this beach trip in the summer country between Hou and Saksild, you walk on some of Jutland’s east coast’s best beaches. Here there are good opportunities to walk in bare feet. Remember your suncream! Parking at the car park on Villavej in Hou or the car park on Plantagevej in Saksild. . 


Beautiful walks in the coastal forests

There are many beautiful forests with paths along the coastline of Kystlandet that make it possible to go all the way down to the water and combine the coastal and forest experience on your walk.