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Sustainable Tourism

Photo: Destination Kystlandet

At Destination Kystlandet, we actively participate in the urgent mission to ensure financial, social and environmental sustainability in the tourism industry. 

Whenever we initiate new projects, we always ask ourselves - are we walking the walk or just talking the talk? 

Because the future must be sustainable. 

Small communities offer great experiences

Currently, we are actively working with the UN's Sustainable Development Goal - nr. 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities through our project The World's Tiniest Cruise.

Because, sustainability is more than just green energy and healthy economic foundations. To us, the sustainable approach also means to nourish a cooperative and responsible form of tourism that benefits the small local communities in The Coastal Land and democratically includes them in the development of our destination.  

Therefore, the local actors play a central role in the development of the three-day long cruise between the islands of Endelave, Tunø and Samsø in the East Jutland archipelago. One of the important factors contributing to the sustainability of the project, is the decision to only make the cruises available during off-season.

"It is a conscious choice, to only offer cruises in early spring and late summer. It reduces the pressure on the islands' ressources - environmentally and socially - and further contributes to more prolonged earnings outside of the high season.

Also, it is vital that we stretch out the season as much as possible to avoid mass tourism - which affects the locals and makes them feel pushed out of their own communities", states Helle Berthold Rosenberg, Director of Destination Kystlandet.

    The World's Tiniest Cruise in The Coastal Land in Denmark Tour Guide holds a map

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    Sustainable Outdoor Tourism

    It's in to be out. 

    That's why, we, at Destination Kystlandet, also actively work to preserve and protect our local nature, as well as promote responsible engagement with our outdoor activities and experiences.

    "We take great effort in communicating maps to public trails, guides, facilities and practical information about the huge variety of outdoor expriences in our destination. We do this to prevent overcrowding and degradation of our local natural areas" says Casper Terkelsen, Outdoor Manager at Destination Kystlandet.

    The park at Palsgaard Manor in Juelsminde

    Photo:David Jervidal

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    Helle Berthold Rosenberg, Direktør for Turistsamarbejdet Kystlandet
    Director at Destination Kystlandet