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Lovely swimming water at Rude Beach on the Odder coast - part of Destination Coastal Land

Relax on the beautiful beaches

Photo: Claus Buur

Do you want it swim in calm water, soak up the sun in the soft sand, go for walks along the beach or catch fish from the shore? With 266 km of coastline, there are plenty of beautiful beaches to choose from in the Coastal Land. Here is an overview.

Visit the beautiful beaches

266 km coastline, 25 beaches and lots of great experiences. On the coast of East Jutland and along Horsens Fjord and Vejle Fjord you will find more than 25 beautiful beaches that you can enjoy with your family or friends or all to yourself.

Especially along the Odder coast south of Aarhus, the water is shallow and completely calm and provides the perfect setting for a day swimming with the children. You will also find lovely and child-friendly beaches around Juelsminde.

Also experience the more dramatic coastline along the north side of Vejle Fjord with high slopes, fallen trees and untouched and rare nature. Here hiking routes are marked where both children and adults can explore right there on the edge between water and land.

Explore the Coastal Land’s beaches below or see all the beaches.


Perfect for water sports

Water sports have never been more popular. And with good reason. What better way to explore nature than from the water side while moving your stiff muscles?

Stand up paddle board has gained a special place in the Danish harbour and beach environments. It is truly the art of balance. But once you have mastered it, you are also blessed with the view. 

Our many beaches are magnets for swimmers. But it’s also not uncommon to see kayaks come gliding past out at sea. The area is home to several rowing and kayak clubs, as well as hire places.

Kayaking and SUP are ideal along the entire coastline, while conditions for kite and windsurfing are particularly good at Alrø  and Borre Knob.


Much more than just a beach holiday...

The sea at the beaches of East Jutland in the Coastal Land is calm and shallow. Here you have a good view and good facilities, and the beaches are excellent for children.

But they can also offer much more.

Here you can cast out fresh fish, lace up your walking shoes and experience the tranquillity and wild nature of the coast, or why not cycle along the coast and let yourself cool off at the beautiful beaches? Because it’s not that far between!