Husband and wife on a trip filled with culture in front of Horsens Art Museum

Go on an art and culture stay in the Coastal Land

Photo: David jervidal

Art, history and new horizons. Treat all your senses to an inspiring stay in the Coastal Land with lots of culture and the joys of life for you and the one you care about.

Time for new ideas and impressions? Art and culture open our eyes to new worlds. We see other angles, get renewed energy and a greater perspective on life.

Restaurant Det Gamle Posthus i Brædstrup

Food experiences

Seaweed safari, gathering trips and great gastronomic experiences. The Coastal Land is rich in places to eat and experiences with food.

Photo: Kristoffer Loft

Come behind the prison walls

One of the great stories you can hear more about at the former Horsens State Prison, the PRISON MUSEUM (FÆNGSLET), is the story of the escape artist Carl August Lorentzen.

Watch the video and hear museum curator Merete tell you more.

For only DKK 200 you get a museum pass, which gives you entry to the Prison Museum, the Industrial Museum, Horsens Art Museum and Horsens Museum.

More goodies from the Coastal Land

View of the coastal line and lighthouse in the area of Hotel Vejlefjord in the coastal land
En mand og en kvinde nyder en stund på restaurant Det Gamle posthus i Brædstrup ved Horsens
Tilbud og ophold i Kystlandet
Kids dress up at the village history and open-air Glud museum in the costal land
Museums rich with history
Siblings playing in a playground
Cultural experiences for children