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Water Of Life / Vin & Vin Brædstrup

Welcome to Water of life.

Discover a wide range of whiskey, gin, rum, cognac, liqeur, port, wine and champagne in our webshop and store/showroom. We aim to deliver the best products on the market within these categories at affordable prices. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us, and we will guide you in your search for the specific product.

You will always find a great assortment of whiskey and a continuously growing selection of gin, rum, champagne, liquer, wine and cognac.
Our webshop and showroom is located at Søndergade 27 in Brædstrup, close to the highway E45 and in short distance from splendid natural resorts such as the river Gudenåen. We take pride in a strong local presence and expertise.

In our store in Brædstrup, you can participate in tastings. Each year we arrange several tastings of whiskey, rum or gin. In order to uphold the experience of learning to enjoy the liquour, we only have a limited amount of tickets. If you do not get a ticket for attending one of our courses, we also offer to bring our services and expertise to you and arrange tastings for e.g. customer- or personnel events.

Whether you prefer whiskey from Speyside, Lowland, Denmark or a completely different place, you will always find a huge selection to choose from in our whiskey shop, and we regularly expand our assortment, so feel free to stop by frequently and let yourself be inspired by the water of life.