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Jørgensens Hotel

In Historic settings in the heart of Horsens you will find Jørgensens Hotel with a splendid view of the lively pedestrian street. The beautiful mansion is furnished as a modern hotel but is still very much in touch with its long history. A stay in Jørgensens Hotel is a lavish experience indeed.  

Accommodation in the centre of Horsens

Jørgensens Hotel offers an exceptional location in the centre of Horsens – in the middle of the widest pedestrian street in Denmark. As the hotel is located in a historic building in one of the oldest cities in Denmark, it is a very unique experience to be a guest here.

The building “Det Lichtenbergske Palæ” holds a special place in the hearts of the local inhabitants. It is a gathering spot for people from Horsens and the surroundings cities – and the natural choice of accommodation for the many people who visit Horsens for large cultural events or go shopping in the city centre.

Jørgensens Hotel is a well-managed hotel in touch with its history and the present all at once. Here you will find all the modern facilities that you are looking for. The critically acclaimed restaurant at the hotel is a place where people stop by for lunch or dinner, feel the historic atmosphere in the old building and enjoy the local ingredients and cuisine.  


Culinary creations

Restaurant Eydes is located in the arched basement below Jørgensens Hotel. Here they serve great food to locals, tourists, romantics, and quality-conscious people for both everyday meals and special occasions. You'll find the restaurant brimming with authenticity, intimacy, and atmosphere.

Make sure to also visit the beautiful wine bar where you can meet for a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, or some snacks. In connection to the wine bar, there is a wine shop that offers the option to bring bottles home. 


Lovely stays all year round

Jørgensens Hotel is an ideal base for stays in the heart of Horsens, focusing on indulgence and relaxation within historic surroundings. The hotel offers stays where a three-course menu and delicious breakfast at Restaurant Eydes are included in the price. With Jørgensens Hotel's popular seasonal stays, you can look forward to a gastronomic experience with a focus on seasonal fresh ingredients.

Learn more about the various stays at Jørgensens Hotel and book on this page.


The historic building

The building in which you find Jørgensens Hotel (“Det Lichtenbergske Palæ”) was built in 1744 as a residence for the successful noble merchant Gehrdt de Lichtenberg and his family. The beautiful baroque mansion has many distinctive architectonic details both inside and outside. Above the stunning doorway you can see the German words “Wass Gott Beschert Uns Niemand Wehrt”. In 1749 King Frederick V of Denmark stayed the night. On this occasion de Lichtenberg was appointed Councillor of State by the King.

After de Lichtenberg passed away the building was used as an inn from 1813. In 1849 Anders Jørgensen bought the mansion and gave it the name Jørgensens Hotel. He opened the building for the city’s inhabitants as a special place for special occasions. Since then, Jørgensens Hotel has been a place where locals and tourists can enjoy themselves, experience great service and be enthralled by the impressive surroundings.