Siblings playing in a playground

Cultural experiences for children

Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Explore the Coastal Land’s many child-friendly cultural offerings and find an experience for the whole family to enjoy together

Culture for children


Children’s performances at Horsens Ny Teater

Watch magical, funny, sad and singing shows from the front row at Horsens Ny Teater, where the mantra is that little souls also deserve great cultural experiences

Daughter and father are solving a puzzle at Horsens Prison Museum in Destination Coastal Land
Photo: The Prison Museum (Fængselsmuseet)

The Hidden Stamp at The Prison Museum

Solve puzzles, try morse code, pattern recognition, and many other captivating tasks so you can escape a life behind bars. The family activity "The Hidden Stamp" is embedded as part of the museum’s exhibition, so that both large and small get a good experience at the historic former state prison in Horsens

The troll Jensnej
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

The troll Jensnej

A troll has been spotted in Ring Forest in Brædstrup! Andthere are pictures of him! Bring your family for a fun day in the activity park and see if you can find the troll in the forest. He is said to ...

Performance on the steps of the Culture Station in Horsens Centrum for children
Photo: Hanne Nielsen

The Culture Station in Horsens

Dancing flower walls, towers of Lego, drum solos, theatre nonsense, ballet steps and finger painting. The Culture Station in Horsens is the children’s very own cultural centre, where imagination and creativity can be given free rein in the centre’s many workshops, open workshops, performances and free activities. Open every weekend 10-15

Relive the good old days at Glud Museum

Go-cart racing, skittles, whale bones and incredible stories - it has never been more fun to learn about Denmark’s agricultural history! At the Glud Museum between Horsens and Juelsminde, you can go back 350 years in time and feel the presence of history. It’s child-friendly, there is room for differences and lots of fun activities for the whole family.  

The Industrial Museum in Horsens

Have you ever seen the insides of a moped motor? Or printet your own industrial labels? How about trying out to see if you have what it takes to be a phone operator! And dont forget to explore the brand new playground. At The Industrial Museum in Horsens they have perfected the art of making history fun and educational for all ages.

Go to sea at Juelsminde Harbour Museum

Can you sail a ship safely into port? At Juelsminde Harbour Museum, the marine town’s local history is coupled with fun activities and interactive exhibition elements - like the large ship simulator where anyone with an inner captain can attempt a nerve-wracking approach to Juelsminde harbour

Do you have what it takes to be Vitus Bering?

Are you able to survive a hard winter on a deserted island? At Horsens Museum you'll learn the amazing history of the Danish explorer Vitus Bering, who discovered the Bering Strait - under much hardship. With this activity, "Stranded", you'll get to try some of it!

Two children playing with an interactive exhibition at the Horsens Art Museum
Photo: David Jervidal

Horsens Art Museum

Forget dusty paintings and whispering voices. At Horsens Art Museum, the attitude is that art is there to stir up change, enthusiasm and give rise to conversation - even with the smallest. There is a children’s area with a paper crafting workshop, interactive exhibitions for curious fingers and plenty of space to explore the big floor’s hidden treasures.

Go on a treasure hunt among the Coastal Land’s cultural attractions

Combine sightseeing with play and learning on one of the Coastal Land’s four treasure hunts in Odder, Horsens, Juelsminde and on Tunø. It’s free, and all brave treasure hunters are rewarded with a shiny gold medal as proof of their accomplishments

Let your imagination run wild at Horsens Library

On a rainy day, there’s hardly anything better than cosying up with a good story. Hunt among the bookcases at Horsens Library and find the best Dino book, the most epic adventures and the most beautiful comics. Or play in the children’s corner, try the latest computer games, pop your nose in for a concert or have fun with creative pursuits at the library’s workshop.