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Stensballe Forest and "Mountains"

The area around the district of Stensballe in the eastern part of Horsens is rich in natural experiences. Between the Husodde Beach and the village of Haldrup, there is a larger, hilly forest area along the coast with beautiful trails and opportunities for outdoor activities.

A versatile nature experience awaits

If you head east along the popular hiking trail the Fjordmino through the district of Stensballe, you will experience how Horsens abruptly comes to a halt and is replaced by a green wall of forest. In the area between Husodde Beach, Stensballegaard Golf Club, and the village of Haldrup, there are several forests, trails, activities, and interesting natural areas waiting to be explored.


A green artery along Horsens Fjord

From Husodde Beach, you can follow a path along the coast to the east. Through the forest, you can walk or bike with a view of Horsens Fjord. This coastal stretch is home to many popular hiking and biking routes, including the hiking trails the Fjordmino and the Railway Path Horsens-Odder, as well as the Horsens Fjord bicycle route and National Cycle Route 5 – East Coast Route. The area is also popular among local runners and dog walkers.

First, you'll pass through Elbæk Forest. In Elbæk Forest, there is a nice dog forest on your left-hand side. In Elbæk Forest, there is a medieval castle mound. The earthwork dates back to the 13th century and is likely a precursor to the manor house Stensballegård, which still stands today. As you descend to the coast, you'll notice trees fallen onto the beach. Children enjoy climbing and playing here.

A little further along is Brakør Forest. When the road sharply turns left, we recommend you venture out onto the small peninsula Troensø and enjoy the beautiful view of Horsens Fjord.

Afterwards, you will head north through the large Stensballe Forest towards Haldrup. If you want to turn the trip into a loop, you can turn inland and come out on the other side of the forest near Stensballegaard Golf Club. Near the clubhouse, an old manor trail leads down to Husodde Beach along an ancient grassy path.


Explore the “mountains”

In and behind Stensballe Forest lies a hilly area commonly referred to as Bjergene (the mountains) in everyday speech. Stensballe Bjerge is a protected area characterized by a beautiful and dramatic landscape. The mountains feature gentle hills that offer wonderful views of the surroundings in many places.

From the high points, you can enjoy views of Horsens city, Horsens Fjord, and Vorsø. The highest point is at an elevation of 84 meters and is called Stensballe Bjerg. Stensballe Bjerge can be accessed via trails through Stensballe Forest or a 1.6-kilometer-long path starting from Bygaden in Stensballe.

Alternatively, at Bygaden, you can find a nice 700-meter-long circular trail on a footpath that leads up to one of the hills in the mountains.

A road named Bjergene connects Bygaden to the path along the coast at Haldrup Strandvej. A complete round trip over Husodde Strand, along the coast through Elbæk, Brakør, and Stensballe Forests, over the mountains, and past Stensballegaard Golf Club spans 10.4 kilometers.


Golf, miniature golf, ice cream, beach, or food?

Behind the Blue Flag beach Husodde Beach, you'll find Horsens City Camping. There's a kiosk here selling ice cream, groceries, and light meals. The campground also features a miniature golf course leading down to the beach, which is open to everyone, as well as a delightful, covered swimming pool with a water slide.

Close by is the golf club. Here, you can try your hand at golf for a modest fee or enjoy a good meal and cold drinks at the restaurant Brasserie Stensballegaard. And while you're here, you should also check out the rum store, RomDeluxe, located in Stensballegaard's old blacksmith shop, where they sell a wide range of rum and other spirits (including their own production) as well as specialties.


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