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Miniature golf course at Husodde Beach

If you like a little friendly competition with your family and friends, why not try a game of mini golf at Horsens City Camping?

The mini golf course has 12 holes where you can challenge each other and see who can overcome the obstacles. How good are you with hills, tunnels etc – will you come out on top or will someone in your company be the winner of the game?

The mini golf course is a medieval-themed course and in the centre, you will find a big knight’s castle. If you are not careful, you might end up in the witch’s boiling pot or in the pillory.

Mini golf is a fun activity for young and old and you can look forward to having quality time with the ones you love when you enter the course.

See the course here: Click the image to take a virtual tour (Opens in a new window)


Visit Horsens’ best ice-cream bar

Celebrate the winner of the match with a delicious ice-cream, when you are done on the mini golf course.

Horsens City Camping has what might just be the best ice-cream bar in Horsens. Here you can enjoy a lovely soft-ice or an ice-cream cone with scoops of ice-cream.

If you let the staff at the reception know that you would like ice-cream too, when you rent the golf clubs, balls and scoreboards, the ice-cream is cheaper: 


1 game of mini golf:
Adults: 50 DKK.
Children (0-12 years old): 45 DKK.

1 game of mini golf and 1 soft-ice or ice-cream cone:
Adults: 65 DKK.
Children (0-12 years old): 60 DKK.

The mini golf course is located outside of the camping site’s gate, so you are very welcome to come by for an ice-cream and a game of mini golf, even if you are not staying at the camping site.
The golf course is open from Easter and until the Autumn holiday (week 42).