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Excursion at Den Genfundne Bro
Tangsafari på Endelave

Nature experiences in the Coastal Land

Photo:Lasse Torp&Melissa Willumsen
Do you want to go out nature?

In the Coastal Land you will find stacks of wow, noooo and ahhh nature experiences in East Jutland.

Come out and enjoy the most beautiful stretch of the Gudenå river, idyllic forest edges with fjord views, historical trails and not least, 266 km of coastline, which is created to slow your heart rate.

The best and greenest nature experiences

Active out in the nature: Heart rate up or down?

In the nature of the Coastal Land you can get your heart rate up or down.

If you need more excitement, you can engage in physical activities such as hiking, cycling, mountain biking, golf, canoeing, kayaking other other sports activities.