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Brasserie Stensballegaard

Griffenfelds offers stunning views of Horsens Fjord and the lush green fairways at Stensballegaard Golf restaurant. Great taste and the love for food is in focus when the restaurant serves delicious dishes for lunch 

A prospect of great culinary experiences

Griffenfelds is the restaurant at the beautiful Stensballegaard Golfklub. Griffenfelds provides the basis for an exquisite taste experience with a wonderful view of Horsens Fjord, the green and the nearby forests. The deliciously varied lunch menu offers pasta, burger, fish and salads. The chef also makes mouth-watering traditional Danish open sandwiches.

Add to that a strong selection of drinks from the bar including draught beer, draft beer, wine, and drinks. You can also choose to enjoy the view with a good cup of quality coffee. 


Not for golfers only

The restaurant is located in the club house of Stensballegård Golfklub which is one of the best and most beautiful golf courses in Denmark. After spending a couple of hours on the golf course, paying a visit to the restaurant makes good sense. However, you are naturally also welcome when you just feel like a delicious dinner or when taking a walk in the woods near Stensballe. The restaurant is quite near the popular beach  of Husodde Strand and the hiking trail Banestien Horsens-Odder. From here, a beautiful grassy trail takes you up to the golf club.


Meetings, parties and events

Griffenfelds has room for more than 100 guests and is therefore an obvious choice for larger parties. The restaurant also delivers for events under the name Kokken ud af Huset.


Did you know…

The restaurant located in Stensballe in the northeastern part of Horsens was named after one of the most powerful and influential men in Denmark during the 17th century, Peder Griffenfeld who used to live at Stensballegaard Manor. Griffenfeld was chancellor in the years 1674-1676. In 1699 he was buried in Vær Church where his coffin is still at display.