På Fjordmino langs Horsens Fjord

Horsens Fjord

Photo: Sarah Green

Join us on The Fjordmino around one of Denmark’s most beautiful fjords with a wonderful mix of nature and great experiences. Incredible countryside awaits for those who love fresh air, hiking, biking, water sports and more.

Horsens Fjord stretches from Horsens Harbour to Gyllingnæs on the north side and to the cosy harbour town of Snaptun on the south side.

Here you will encounter the meandering coastline of the fjord, idyllic villages, the deep quiet tranquillity of the forest, rolling field landscapes, maritime harbour towns, charming islands and not least the cultural town of Horsens.

Here we guide you to the trip and experiences along the way.



Hiking trail around Horsens Fjord

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Photo: Sarah Green
Vandrere ved Horsens Fjord

On the bike

Beautiful and versatile cycling terrain

Photo: Sarah Green
I kajak på Horsens Fjord


Discover Horsens Fjord from the water side

Photo: Gitte Vinum
The Prison (FÆNGSLET) in Horsens - a part of the Coastal Land in Denmark

Experiences around the fjord

See our guide with experiences around the fjord

Photo: Jesper Rais
Borre Knob

Accommodation along the Fjord

There are ample opportunities for a good night's sleep around Horsens Fjord.

Photo: Aleksander Mogensen
Vikingerne i Kystlandet2

The Vikings in the Coastal Land - A tale from Horsens Fjord

Watch historian Casper Clemmensen as he tells the legend of the great King Hjarne

Photo: Impuls