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Canoe rental at Vestbirk Camping

Experience the Gudenå River up close from a canoe.

Vestbirk Camping is located in the scenic nature near the Gudenå River and the river flows on three sides of the camp site. From the camp site, you can rent a canoe and explore the most beautiful part of the river.

Vestbirk Camping offers canoe day trips on the Gudenå River from June 16th to December 31st.

You can either sail to or from the camp site. Depending on what you choose, the trips include canoe drop off at the tent site in Aale or Aarstedbro or canoe pick up from the tent site in Voervadsbro or from ‘Den Røde Spand’ at Klostermølle.

As there is a limited number of trips available, we recommend that you book as early as possible.

Approximate distances between Aale and Klostermølle

  • Aale-Aastedbro 4 km
  • Aastedbro-Brestensbro 7 km
  • Brestenbro-Vestbirk Vandkraftværk 7 km
  • Vestbirk Vandkraftværk-Voervadsbro 6 km
  • Voervadsbro-Klostermølle 6 km 

It is possible to travel approx. 15 km in a day.