Family on a canoe trip at klostermølle

Canoeing on the river Gudenåen

Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Denmark's longest stream, Gudenåen, is perfect for canoeing. The southernmost part of Gudenå is characterised by narrow, winding stretches through beautiful and peaceful nature. There are several canoe rentals, accommodation and picnic areas along the river ensuring you a good experience. 

Unforgettable experiences on the most beautiful part of Gudenåen

The southernmost part of the riveris narrow and winding with shallow water. It is a safe and beginner friendly choice of stretch, but also fun for the more experienced canoeists due to the many curves. Nature varies from Denmark's largest wetlands to deep forests - from vast expanse to a jungle like atmosphere where you are surrounded by trees and bird song. 

All the practical stuff

If you have never tried canoeing before, then you probably have a few questions or doubts. Below we will answer some of the questions that we receive the most. Remember that the canoe rental is ready to assist you and answer any question you may have , so you can look forward to a good experience. 

If you ask your good friend Google, you can get a bit confused. some sources say 149 kilometres - others 176... or 160. It all depends on what you refer to as the Gudenå. For example the first narrow stretch after the sources of the Gudenå and its outlet in Randers Fjord.

The strech that you can navigate in a canoe is 140 kilometres. And the one-way traffic stretch in the Coastal Land between Tørring and The Monastery Mill is 41 kilometres.

Tørring – Åstedbro: 14 km
Åstedbro – Bredstenbro: 6 km
Bredstenbro – Vestbirk Hydropower Plantrk: 7 km
Vestbirk Hydropower Plant – Voervadsbro: 7 km
Voervadsbro – The Monastery Mill/Lake Mossø: 6 km
The Monastery Mill/Lake Mossø – Ry: 10 km

No. You are only allowed to sail between Tørring and The Monastery Mill/Lake Mossø in the period from 16 June to 31 December.

Naturally, if you are preparing a canoeing holiday, it is nice to know how many days you need to spend on the journey. A day trip in a canoe is about 15-20 kilometres. It is of course individual and depends on preferences as well as who is canoeing. If you are in doubt, ask the canoe rental. They are always ready to guide and assist you. 

There is room for two adults in a canoe. If you have two children (max. 30 kilo), there is also room for them.

Bigger children can paddle, but prepare to be the engine if you share a canoe with a child. And take into account how patient the child is, since a day trip can be quite long.  

Yes. You are not allowed to sail upstream from Klostermølle to Tørring. Therefore, you must follow Gudenåen northward. Sailing downstream is also a bit nicer. 

For this reason, during the summer holiday, you can get on The Gudenå Bus, which sails canoeists from Klostermølle to Tørring with several stops every day. The bus is your way to get back to the starting point. 

If you rent a canoe, then you do not need to worry about permits. The canoe rental has this covered.

If you bring your own canoe to the area, then you must purchase a guest registration.

If you are a citizen in Horsens or Hedensted Municipality, you can register the canoe as local, and you do not need a guest registration. 

Yes, absolutely. The rules for permits that apply to canoes also apply to kayaks and paddleboards. 

It is possible to rent kayaks at Tørring Canoe Rental.

If yo can not swim, then you should avoid the parts of the Gudenå where the water level is high. 

For those who can not swim or feel unsafe in the water, we recommend the stratch from Tørring to Åstedbro. Here the stream is narrow and the water level low. Often so low, that the canoe almost hits the bed. You can easily touch bottom on this whole stretch, and there are not many waves that can make the canoe tip. On the other hand, there are many turns which makes the route quite technical. It is quite fun to navigate around the winding stream - and then you forget the insecurity or hesitation.

No, that is not necessary at all. In theory you can come as you are for a canoeing day-trip. The only thing you must remember is water and food. Paddling can be quite hard, and you are going to need some fluid.

And remember the sunscreen. The author of this text forgot it once. Never again!

The canoe has space for storage, and you can easily bring a couple og rucksacks and a cool box. There is a small but real risk that the canoe tilts. Therefore, it is a good idea to bring drybags for the most important things (smartphone, wallet etc.). 
Also cinsider your choice of footwear. You could get water in your canoe - and you might also have to get out of the canoe and push it. Therefore, we recommend bringing spare clothes. Especially dry socks. 



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