Thomas Dambos Jensnej i Brædstrup

Budget-friendly vacation in Odder, Horsens, and Juelsminde

Photo: Line Vinum

Vacation rhymes with experiences and adventures, but it's not easy with low tide in the holiday account. Therefore, we have gathered a range of cheap and free experiences for families with children, culture enthusiasts, and active outdoor enthusiasts, because we want everyone to enjoy thei

Budget-friendly experiences

See a guide with free or budget-friendly experiences in Horsens, Juelsminde, and Odder.

Skattejagten Rundt Destination Kystlandet dreng holder medaljer
Photo: Kristoffer Loft

Go treasure hunting

With the Kystlandet's 5 unique treasure hunts, both children and adults are guided around the cities of Horsens, Brædstrup, Odder, and Juelsminde, as well as the entire island of Tunø. With a treasure map in hand, you'll solve tasks and answer questions, and when you reach the finish, there's a medal for the little treasure hunters. Choose a single treasure hunt or try them all.


Snup fire museer på samme billet

For only 200 DKK per person, you can experience 4 museums in Horsens over 7 days - the regular price is up to 315 DKK. The museums range from captivating stories at Europe's largest prison museum to contemporary art and classical works at the Horsens Art Museum. In between, you'll find historical narratives from Horsens as well as the development of industrial and welfare societies. There's a museum for every taste, and perhaps you'll try something new.

The troll Jensnej
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

The troll Jensnej

A troll has been spotted in Ring Forest in Brædstrup! Andthere are pictures of him! Bring your family for a fun day in the activity park and see if you can find the troll in the forest. He is said to ...

Children having crab races
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Crab racing at Juelsminde Harbor

Juelsminde Harbor offers a maritime atmosphere, delicious dining options, an ice cream parlor, and plenty of activities for children. Put some bait, such as deli meat, a snail, or mussel, on a clothespin and go crab fishing. Which crab goes down the ramp the fastest and back into the water?

Family by a campfire in The Fairytale Forest near Odder
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Hot cocoa over a campfire at a shelter

Cozy up around a crackling fire, sheltered from the wind, at one of the Coastal Region's many nature shelters—or go all out and try your hand at a (free) night in the great outdoors.


Visit a park with a focus on biodiversity.

Visit Bakkelunden, the new park and playground within walking distance from Horsens City Center. The hilly landscape is shaped by a quarter of a million tons of surplus soil from construction projects, and trees, plants, and flowers have been planted with a focus on enhancing biodiversity. Bring a packed lunch and enjoy it in the picnic area while the kids have fun.

Havnen i Norsminde set fra oven
Photo: Aleksander Mogensen

Picnic at Norsminde Harbor

The charming little harbor is a short bus ride from Odder. Take a stroll in the area or make use of the many facilities at the harbor, where you'll find a barbecue area, picnic house, playground, and crab bridge. Treat yourself to a homemade fish cake from Norsminde Fiskehus.


Experience the entire solar system in 3 kilometers.

Get a mix of play, learning, and movement on the Planet Trail, which starts at the sun and takes you through our entire solar system by showing the distances between all the planets in a scale of 1:1498 million. The journey can be done on foot or by bike, and the trail is accessible for both strollers and wheelchair users.

Mand spiller disc-golf med frisbee i park
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Challenge your friends to disc golf.

A fun activity that is perfect for an afternoon outing in Bygholm Park. At Comwell Bygholm Park, you can borrow equipment for free if you don't have your own frisbee. End the day with a barbecue and relaxation in the beautiful park.

Strandtur til Saksild Strand
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

A trip to the beach.

Saksild Strand is the best in the entire region, and with its long white sandy beach, clear water, and all conceivable facilities, it makes the beach perfect for a full-day excursion. Bring a cooler filled with cold drinks for when you need a break from swimming.

Familie på tur
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Enchanting walks for the little ones.

With the Natureventyr app in hand, you can combine digital, location-based adventures with nature experiences. The enchanting stories guide you on a journey where all the senses come into play along the way. Natureventyr is designed for children aged 4-9, and in the Horsens area, you'll find a total of 4 adventures.


Creativity for the whole family.

In the heart of Horsens lies Kulturstationen, where every weekend musical workshops, concerts, and creative workshops are held. The whole family just needs to bring curiosity, imagination, enthusiasm, and a packed lunch to enjoy in the common area on the first floor.

Klatretårnet på den store udendørs legeplads i Juelsminde
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Architecture or playground?

Of course, it's a playground. Juelsminde Naturlegepark is a unique outdoor playground where a climbing tower, slide, fitness equipment, Tarzan trail, zip line, padel tennis, picnic tables, restrooms, and much more create the perfect setting for a family outing.

Sign by the beach on the Snaptun-Juelsminde Coastal Path
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

The most stunning hiking route in Kystlandet

The coastal path between Snaptun and Juelsminde follows the coast for most of the route, and when you're not walking along the water, you pass through beautiful forests. There is the option for bus transport between the towns, and the bus also goes to Horsens. If you're up for a longer hike, continue along the Fjordminoe.

Ældre par på cykeltur kigger på skilt ved Gudenåens udspring
Photo: Hærvejen Region Syddanmark

Take a bike ride along the Gudenå River

The signposted route R33 goes from the source of the Gudenå River, through Tørring, close to The Uncovered Bridge and Brædstrup, and especially the beautiful area around Klostermølle and Sukkertoppen. In the summer vacation, you can take the upstream bus back to your starting point for free - have a great trip!


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