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Bygholm Lake Camping Canoe rental

The water in Bygholm Lake is still and thereby perfect for canoeing. Enjoy the peace and quiet, observe the fishes in the water and the birds flying around.

A trip on the calm waters

At Bygholm Lake Camping you can rent canoes and go for a paddle on the water during the summer. Here you can experience Bygholm Lake from a completely different perspective, enjoy the tranquillity, listen to the birds, and see the life in the lake through the clear water.


Canoe rental

During the summer, the canoes can be rented on an hourly or daily basis from June 15th until the end of the season. A canoe is intended for 2 adults and 2 small children. 

Canoe rental prices:

  • Rental per hour: 80 DKK
  • Rental per day: 300 DKK

Life jackets are naturally included in the price.

Notice that the canoes can only be rented during the opening hours of the reception, i.e. both pick-up and return of the canoe must take place during the following hours:

  • Monday – Friday 8 – 14 o’clock
  • Saturday – Sunday 10 – 13 o’clock


The area around Bygholm Lake

The lake is a nature area in the western part of Horsens. Around the lake, there is a very popular route for hiking and running. The route is around 8 km. and offers a nature experience close to the city. You can also get around the lake on MTB, where the approximately 10 km long blue route offers both less technical challenges, altitude metres and plenty of flow.


Close to the city

Bygholm Lake lies only a stone’s throw from the centre of the city. You can walk through Bygholm Park, past the railway station and directly into the centre of Horsens. Here you will find wonderful restaurants and a large selection of shops, for example in BytorvHORSENS. You can also go exploring with the treasure hunt or experience concerts and everyday culture in the city's new cultural centre Platform K.


More canoeing in The Coastal Land

If you want to experience more of The Coastal Land from the water, you should go canoeing on the most beautiful stretch of The Gudenå River. Here you will get a peaceful experience in lovely nature and be completely relaxed. There are plenty of opportunities for day trips or overnight stays along The Gudenå River.