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Bjerre Mill (Mølle)

In the open countryside, near the village of Bjerre, stands a beautiful, unique mill. Indeed, this old mill is the only Danish mill covered in tiles. Today, the mill acts as a museum mill with visual displays of the building's history and function.

A Beautiful Old Mill

If you drive along Stenderupvej near Bjerre, you can't help but turn your head in awe when passing the old mill. It is, certainly, exceptionally eye-catching in the otherwise flat, agricultural landscape.

Bjerre Mill is an octagonal Dutch windmill with a wooden frame covered in red tiles. It is the only Danish mill covered in tiles. Its onion-shaped cap is dressed in a black roofing felt, giving nice contrast to the red tiles. The mill has 13.5-meter-long, white-painted shutters/cloth sails and a wind rose.

The building next to the mill was constructed in 1908, providing engine power so grain could be milled, even on windless days. The mill has been beautifully renovated by the Bjerre Mill Foundation and stands as splendidly as it did when it was brand new. And yes – you are welcome to look inside.


Visit the Museum Exhibition 

Truly, the mill is always open. You can park at the large, gravel parking lot in front of the mill, where you also find tables and benches – please feel free to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or a picnic while watching the neighbour’s cows grazing.

Inside the mill, you are greeted by posters illustrating the history and function of Bjerre Mill. You might also want, on two floors, to have a closer look at the mechanics of a Dutch windmill.


History of the Mill 

Bjerre Mill was built in 1860 but was first put into use in 1865. In 1908, it became engine driven. The mill was in operation until 1955. At this time, industrial mills and farm mills rendered Dutch mills less attractive, and it stopped being profitable to keep it running.

The mill was already worn down by then, and over the next 20 years, it went from bad to worse. In 1974, the Bjerre Mill Foundation was formed with the noble task of maintaining the mill. In 2019, the mill underwent thorough renovation, with wings and tiles replaced. Essentially, it is thanks to them that the mill stands as the beautiful attraction it is today.


Close to Bjerre Mill

The village of Bjerre offers another historical attraction, that of Bjerre Arrest.

Here, you can go on a tour and learn all about the exciting history of the old prison from 1846 – and the riveting tales about prisoners, staff, and executions. Near Bjerre, you also find breathtaking nature experiences, least of all the large, wooded area Bjerre Forest and the impressive viewpoint Purhøj.


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