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Bjerre Forest

In a beautiful natural resorts between Horsens and Juelsminde, you find this large forest which invites to a wealth of activities. Whether you want to take a walk in unkempt nature, go nuts on your mountain bike or swing your fishing rod in the deep, quiet tranquillity of the forest, it is all possible here.

Nature is calling to you

One of the area's largest forests can be found in the area of Bjerrelide south of Horsens Fjord. With its 282 hectares, there is plenty of room for many different outdoor activities in Bjerre Forest. The forest is very varied with a mix of deciduous and coniferous forest, lakes, bogs and meadows. It is no coincidence that the forest is also referred to as Bjerge Skov (Mountain Forest) because the area is quite hilly which makes the nature experience even more beautiful.


Ideal for hiking

Bjerre Forest has an extensive network of trails that makes it possible to get around all parts of the forest. Bjerre Skovvej traverses the forest and there are several parking options so you can get out of the car in the middle of the nature experience.

Søholt Mose immediately south of the lake Elverdam in the eastern part of the forest has been designated as natural forest. If you are looking for a short Sunday walk, then touring this area is recommended. 


Part of a larger natural resort

With its location in the middle of the Bjerrelide area, Bjerre Skov can be included as part of a longer hiking or cycling trip. Bjerrelide comprises a large number of forests that can easily be connected as part of a continuous route. Areas such as Boller Nederskov with Boller Castle, Klokkedal and the vantage point Purhøj are all within a short distance of the forest. You can read more about Bjerrelide and browse suggested routes on this page.


One of Denmark’s best MTB tracks

Bjerre Forest is probably best known for its more than 15-kilometer-long, high-level mountain bike track. The track is suitable for both beginners and experienced bicyclists and has more challenging loops as well as a basic track where everyone can take part. The track is located in the hilly north-western part of the forest. This part of the forest is not reserved for mountain bikers. You are also welcome to take a walk in the area but both walkers and bicyclists are asked to be careful when crossing paths.


Bring your fishing rod

You can fish in the lake Elverdam. There is a good chance of catching both pike and eel. You do not have to buy a specific fishing license to fish in the lake but you must always buy a national fishing license when you fish in Denmark.


Spend the night in the open air

There is what the Danes call free tenting in Bjerre Forest. You are therefore welcome to bring a tent and spend the night in nature. Please note, however, that you are allowed to spend a maximum of one night in the same place and use a maximum of two tents. If you want to spend the night in a shelter, there is one in Rold Forest a few kilometres north of Bjerre Forest.


Looking for more exciting natural resorts?

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