Gåtur i løvfaldet ved Bygholm Sø, Horsens

Child-friendly hiking routes

Photo: Gitte Vinum

It’s so wonderful to hike! But when you have two small children, who quickly lose patience and want to sit at home with their tablet, then it can be a challenge to find the time and space for a hike. We guide you to safe, fun, child-friendly hiking experiences in the Coastal Land.

On a walk with the whole family 

A walk together can be wonderful quality time for both children and adults, where you really get to know each other. However, most parents would agree that there may be certain challenges associated with having the youngest in the family in tow? 

Children can easily be motivated to walk. It just must not get boring along the way. A good story as a selling point, space to play and learning and a good reward - together with a safe environment, is the recipe for a wonderful hiking experience for the whole family

11 tips for child-friendly hikes

Family on the treasure hunt Tunø Rundt - one of four treasure hunts in Destination Coastal Land
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

5 treasure hunts - 5 gold medals

You can find many exciting treasures scattered around Kystlandet. Bring the children on a tresure hunt and combine hiking with learning, as you move around and answer questions about the places you see. Do you have all the right answers? Then a custom made gold medal waits as evidence of your accomplishment. 

Mother and daughter in Åbjerg Forest by Bygholm Lake on an autumn day
Photo: Gitte Vinum

Outdoor fairytales

Come along for a child-friendly fairytale in the nature of Kystlandet with the app Natureventyr. Here, you can combine the nature experience with digital recitation of location-specific fairytales. For example, try Natureventyr at the wildlife reserve Nørrestrand, Tyrstedlund Nature Park or Ring Lake. 

Family walks in nature
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

61 kilometres of pram-friendly surface

The old railway between Horsens og Silkeborg is now tarmacked and serves as a bicycle- and hiking route. Here, you can safely walk woth the kids without having to worry about motorised vehicles. En route you will face beautiful nature and historic attractions such as The Uncovered Bridge. There are plenty of places to park on the route if you wish to walk small, child-friendly sections of the route. 


Become wiser about the solar system (4 km)

On the Planet Path you can learn more about all the planets in the solar system, while enjoying the beautiful view of Horsens Fjord. The path goes from Horsens to Boller, where there is a breakwater, a forest and a castle. In the beautiful flower park you can see a 1000 year old tree and admire the turtles in the lake

Wild Rabbit on Endelave
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Spot cute rabbits on Endelave (from 3 km)

Endelave is the island of the wild rabbits. The island’s official hiking route is called the Kanino. Here there are good opportunities to see the island’s most popular (and furry) residents hop around. They live here in their thousands. There are four rabbit routes on the island of different distances so everyone can join in

Children playing on a wobble board
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

1-2-3-4 ... 1000 metres!

In Horsens you can visit a real prison and walk around the beautiful building in the Prison Park. The trip should be exactly 1000 metres long - hence the name the 1000-metre path. But you are welcome to count to make sure it’s correct. Otherwise we can rename it to the 1001-metre path. By the path there is a lovely prison playground and good opportunities to enjoy lunch outdoors. And why not visit the Prison Museum now that you’re here?


Play like you are a real bear

In Odder there are several forests that are well suited for short walks. On one of them was once a zoo. On a wonderful walk in Rathlousdal Forest you can be lucky to find the Bear Grotto, which is a relic from that time. Children love playing in the cave. How loud can you roar?

Boy playing pirates at the Stagsevold castle ruin in Staksrode Forest
Photo: Chaline Engelhardt

... or play that you are a pirate!

You find one of Denmark’s most beautiful forests down to Vejle Fjord. In Staksrode Forest, which is known for its steep slopes down to the sea, you can come across the old Stagsevold castle ruin, which according to old legends was home to pirates. There are several signposted routes in the forest. The yellow route leads to Stagsevold and is 2.4 kilometres long. Please note that the trip is not suitable for prams. Before you go home, you should also take the trip down at the foot of the high slopes. Here on Stenhøj Beach there are good opportunities to find fossils

A troll is sitting by a bridge in the Fairytale Forest near Odder
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Go for a walk between trolls and witches

Visit this fairytale-themed visitor garden focusing on nature, play, and social activities. You can learn about old Danish legends and myths here and of course romp on the nature playground.

En brun og hvid alpaca
Photo: Myllerup Østergård

Or hike in a river valley with an alpaca

Myllerup Østergaard offers walk n' talks with super cute alpacas. Take your four-legged companion on a walk in the impressive nature of The Gudenå Valley. The alpaca farm is located next to The Gudenå Path and the sources of the river, so it is easy to combine this with other nearby nature experiences.

Children playing by the lake in Bygholm Park
Photo: Scandic Bygholm Park

You can always go to the park

Whether you bring a pram or sweet little children who just learned to walk, the parks of Kystlandet are a good option for fresh air and red cheeks. And often there are also playgrounds, good facilities, and even cute little quacking ducks.


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