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Inshore fishing on Tunø

Tunø is a paradise for anglers who wish to fish from shore.

Fish species: Sea trout and garfish during the season, flounder, cod and a good chance of eelpout. In addition to the above species, you can chance upon huge shoals of grey mullet in these waters, with excellent opportunities of fishing exclusively for this muscular fellow.

Parking: As cars are not allowed on the island, the angling sites are only reachable on bicycle or on foot.

Tips: Of particular interest are Stenkalven on the north coast where the rocks lure the sea trout close to the coast, and the Sønderklint with its steep slopes which provide for the angler both shelter and trout.
Furthermore, you can see migratory shoals of the grey mullet from the sand hills.

The island is rather small, making it easy to try the fishing in all of the waters. The harbour is also a guaranteed site for grey mullet-fishing. There are also frequent stocks of small cod and pollack in the harbour.