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Øens Tunø i Det Østjyske Øhav

Car-free Tunø for the whole family

Photo: Melissa Villumsen

Just off the Odder coast you will find the small car-free island of Tunø. A small natural paradise with a fantastic history and atmosphere that everyone should experience. A vibrant island community with a town, school, convenience store, great food, a treasure hunt… and a traxi

There is room and time to completely relax on Tunø.

Calmly park the car at the harbour in Hou, before you hop on the Tunø Ferry and get off at Tunø Harbour. A major reason for the island’s atmosphere is that it’s car-free. Tunø’s only means of transport are tractors of all kinds, scooters and bicycles.

The ferry takes an hour, and along the way you may be lucky enough to spot harbour seals and porpoises in the waters around Tunø.

Good for the palate and the experience account

Tunø is beautiful and with unspoiled countryside, which calls for presence and quality time. Cool white wine and smoked fish at the harbour and wonderful vegetable stalls by the roadside. It’s true island idyll. Also walk around the island in under three hours.

In the middle of the town you will find the small, cosy church, whose 18-metre high church tower serves as a lighthouse. From the top you have a formidable panoramic view that in clear weather makes it possible to see the Great Belt Bridge. Also climb the high slope on the north side of the island, and the bird tower by the mountain - Tunø’s highest point.

Especially in the summer, there is life and activity on the island. Vegetable stalls offer new potatoes, crisp green asparagus and fresh carrots. Furthermore, the places to eat at the harbour and in the town are open late. If you come in the winter, you must be aware of changed opening hours.

A few steps from the harbour is the town of Tunø with its cosy village pond. Here you will find Tunø Købmandsgård and the seaside hotel Mejeriet Tunø. At the harbour is Tunø Smokehouse, which is known for its smoky salt and delicious fish dishes.

Watch the video: Explore the island’s secrets

Around the island in three hours - also for children

Lace up your shoes and walk around Tunø (approx. 8.3 km.). Here you can, for example, experience the island’s various beaches, steep cliffs and rare birds. And you can easily entice the children to come along! Together you can go on a treasure hunt and solve small, fun puzzles along the way as you explore the island.

How do you get the children up early and go for a long walk? You send them on a treasure hunt around the island of Tunø!

And back at Tunø Købmandsgård, a beautiful custom-made Tunø medal awaits the youngest participants.

Download the treasure map or pick it up for free on the Tunø Ferry during the crossing from Hou.

How to get around the island

A major reason for Tunø’s special atmosphere is that it is car-free.

But the island is not big and you can easily get around on foot, by bicycle or on a scooter. Or why not take a traxi-tour and experience the island from the trailer of a tractor?

On the car-free island, there is a long history of transporting tourists and guests around the island in trailers towed by a tractor.

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