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Inshore fishing at As Hoved

As Hoved is one of the most popular and adventurous sites in Eastern Jutland. Fishing can occasionally be so good, that you miscalculate the long walk, as the site is only accessible on foot or by bicycle.

That said, it is all worth the trip. Even the journey to As Hoved is an extraordinary experience. You will often cross paths with deer, hares, pheasants and a large amount of birds.

In the darker hours, it is even possible to see badgers and owls.

As Hoved consists of numerous big rocks with some long reefs. The sea trout often comes by in shoals and fishing can go from being slow to extremely intense very quickly. Fishing by both spinner and fly works really well here. As the site has many visitors, remember to respect your fellow fishermen.

The site is good all year round, however spring, summer and autumn are the top months to fish at As Hoved.

The reef, however, isn’t the only good spot you’ll find here. The sites towards Kirkholm and back towards Fruens Badehus are likewise very good fishing spots.

In the garfish season, there is plenty of life around As Hoved. Here, it is the shallow areas on both sides of the reef, which are preferable.


Parking by As Hoved

You park at the public parking area at Palsgaard in the Southern end. From here it takes 15-20 minutes on foot to Fruens Badehus and the point. You can also go there by bicycle. You follow the road from the parking area and progress towards As Hoved by a field road. Between the parking area and the forest at As Hoved, you pass along a long stretch of open land. And after that, you pass straight through the forest until you reach the sea. Then you turn right to reach As Hoved.

You can use Google Maps to get orientated on the way to As Hoved.