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Inshore fishing in Hou

Hou Harbour

Fish species: Sea trout, flatfish, mackerel and garfish during the season. 

Parking: Harbour area. Excellent facilities: toilet, kiosk, etc.

Tips: Sea trout throughout the entire area. Excellent fishing using a bubble float with herring as bait for catching garfish from the outer jetty. In the shallow waters south of the harbour, you may chance upon enormous shoals of garfish.

Perfect spot for fly-fishing sly long-billed fish. Cod-fishing in the docks or from the outer jetty. Best at dusk. Flounder-fishing with the wind in the east, from the outer side of the north jetty. Best when sunset and high tide coincide.


Hou by Ravnskoven

Fish species: Sea trout and garfish during the season

Parking: At the end of Strandgade

Tip: This area is quite shallow and offers perfect conditions for sea trout and garfish fishing. A typical fishing spot with intense garfish fishing during the season. Wading necessary. This is also a great area for catching shrimp. 


Hou at Egmont folk high school

Fish species: Sea trout, flounder, and garfish during the season.

Parking: You can park close to the water in the entire area. 

Tips: The area shares great resemblance to Hølken Beach and you can actually fish on varied beds all the way to Hygge Strand Camping by Hølken. Occasionally, especially during spring, great opportunities for catching sea trout, and garfish during the season. Flounder can be caught in east wind and especially during high tide and sunset. The best period for fishing is September-November.