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Art walk in Odder

Embark on an art walk in Odder and experience the many artworks in the city centre. The tour starts at the town hall. A great free way to experience the city of Odder.

Town Hall. Frederik Sparvats sculpture, 3 sculptures by Willy Ørskov and ”Fuglefængeren (bird catcher)” by Erik Heide.

Town square: Here you will find the sculpture "liv (life)" by Børge Jørgensen (1926-99).

Tværgade: Edgar Funch's "Solstenen".

Raupachsgade: Decoration by Mogens Gissel. Many words on the wall by Poul Pedersen, Paris and a stream by Erik Nyholm (1920-90).

Møllevej and Odder Museum: Bryllupsskulpturen (the wedding sculpture) by Annette Skovhus.

Skovbakkeskolen: "LIVSTRÆET (tree of life)" by Buller Hermansen.

SkovbakkeskolenTværgade 12: New state school designed in unique and exciting architectural shapes and materials. Architect: CEBRA  

Parkvej leading down to Spektrum: Here you will see Mogens Gissel's sculpture "Sort skulptur (black sculpture)". Have a look inside the gym if it is open. Usually paintings are exhibited here. In the big gym you will see a painting by Bjarne W. Troelstrup. 

Spektrum: The series of sculptures "Fuglebænken (the bird's bench)" by Finn Have.

Åholmsgade by the library: "Knæet (the knee)" by Ole Christensen.

Ålykkecentret: "Kvinde (woman)" by Erik Thommesen (1916-2008). By the church centre you can see Inge Hurup's "liv (life)"

Cemetery: Tombstones of famous artists. Janus la Cour, Hans Løfgren and Ulrich Kvist. 

Vitapark 60: The artwork Vitapark. The exhibition might be open. 

Lundevej close to Stenslundcentret: Here you will see Keld Moseholms little men and and Frede Troelsens three rocks. 

Rørthvej and the folk school: Gable by Mogens Gissel.

Pakhuset at the train station: Occassional art exhibitions.

Vitapark: "To på tur" by Ole Grøn. An impressive visual story about Odder Municipality. Denmark's biggest laser cut sculpture (an 18-metre-long experience wall). See what art, technology and innovation can create together. See small unique versions of "To på Tur" in multiple villages around the municipality: Norsminde, Saksild, Hou, Ørting, Gylling, Alrø, Sondrup, Hundslund, Torrild and Tunø.