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Åkjær Manor

Åkjær Manor is one of Jutland’s biggest manors, located in the fertile land between Horsens and Odder. The manor is private and closed to the public but is located in a picturesque nature area well worth a visit.

One of the biggest manors in Jutland

The Åkjær Manor, located on the northside of Horsens Fjord between the villages Hundslund and Søvind, is a part of one of the biggest estates in Jutland – the Danish mainland. The manor has an exciting history that has left a mark on the rural local area around Odder. The building is closed to the public but when you pass it you can sense the grandeur in the beautiful whitewashed half-timbered main building and the characteristic yellow stables.


Dive into Åkjær’s history

Åkjær’s history stretches back to the 14th century. The manor was owned by the Holstein knight Markvad Rostrup before 1340 under Skanderborg Castle. Later, during the Reformation in the period 1548-1660, Åkjær was owned by the crown.

Åkjær was given to the Chancellor of Exchequer Joachim Gersdorff in 1661 when Denmark lost the Swedish region of Skåne. He had lost a lot of land in Skåne and Åkjær was one of the estates that he was given as a replacement. The estate was split by his three children when he passed away. Margrethe Gersdorff built the manors Gersdorffslund and Rathlousdal shortly after. The reign of the Gersdorff family left a lasting impression on the Odder area.

Today, Åkjær Manor is owned by Johan Koed-Jørgensen. The estate covers an area of 16,4 square kilometres which is used for forestry and agriculture.


The architecture

Åkjær Maonr is easily seen from the main road between Horsens and Odder. The well-kept white main building has three wings and red timber framing. In addition, there are also two farm buildings, and a tenant farmer residence. The estate also owns several other buildings in the local area around Amstrup and Hundslund.  

One of these is the architecturally peculiar Uldrupgård, which was built in the early 19th Century for sheep farming. The building is the only one of its kind in Denmark with a characteristic thatched roof that almost touches ground.


Explore nature

The beautiful forest area Sondrup Hills/Sondrup Plantation is located a few hundred metres south of the manor. The forest has many hiking routes and vista points with a good view of Horsens Fjord. The hilly landscape makes it one of the most beautiful forests in Eastern Jutland.


Learn more about the local manors

The many local manors around Odder has affected the local culture, landscape, nature, and lifestyle. At Odder Museum you can learn more about the manors and the interesting noble estate owners.