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Odder Museum

Odder Museum is situated right in the centre of Odder in a lovely green area close to the high street of Odder. The area is a great cultural environment with the historical Odder Water and Steam Mill. The Museum has three historical buildings and a 400 m2 modern exhibition building. The Old mill also has a café and a shop.

The exhibitions of the Museum has local cultural history as a theme. The Old mill looks like it did in 1955 when production stopped. Furthermore, the public can experience a beautiful hunting exhibition. The museum also has a large number of special exhibitions and is known for cooperation with local artists.

Odder Museum is also known for its comprehensive programme of activities and events, which often take place outside of the buildings of the museum. We believe it is important to get out into nature when the sign of history are visible in the landscape. Examples of activities are hiking, cycling trip or kayaking.