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Odder Museum

Odder Museum holds a fantastic treasure: A traditional water- and steam mill that takes us through the entire process of how barley are turned into "Stærkodder" – an old local specialty.

Traditions and craftsmanship: The historic Odder Mill

The first thing you encounter when visiting the museum is the grand mill building. Don't be fooled by the cold exterior walls, because as soon as you step over the threshold into the heart of the Water and Steam Mill, it feels like entering a time capsule from the late 1800s. Take your time. Be impressed by the techniques our ancestors used to produce food for the area!

Once you're done in the Mill, explore the rest of the museum. Here, stories from the old miller are hidden, along with Denmark's largest collection of hunting equipment, and the intriguing gardens. Get excited!


Keep an eye out for the current special exhibition

Here, you might be fortunate to see exhibitions with cultural-historical themes and art displays. Odder Museum has a longstanding tradition of collaborating with and showcasing renowned local artists.


Enjoy your coffee on in the garden

You won't find a more idyllic place than the greenery outside at the mill's old garden at Odder Museum. Grab a cup of coffee and a pastry from the little café, and relax while children and the young at heart play by the lake's edge.


Guided tours from Odder Museum

You can take part in exciting activities and events often organized in collaboration with the nature guide program. Therefore, a significant portion of the activities will take place beyond the museum's walls.

You'll venture into nature - where the traces of history are visible in the landscape. This could involve activities on land such as hiking or cycling trips, or on the water with the museum's kayaks.

Odder Museum is a branch under the acclaimed Moesgaard Museum.