A woman walking with an SUP-board in Juelsminde

SUP in Kystlandet

Photo: Lasse Torp

With 266 km of coastline, lakes, and long waterways, large parts of Kystlandet can be explored from the water. So, grab your paddleboard and explore our sea, fjords, islands, lakes, and Denmark's only river.

SUP spots in Kystlandet


Horsens - the fjord city with great facilities

At the end of Horsens Fjord lies the fjord city of Horsens which has good, calm wind conditions and fine facilities around the harbour. At the city beach Langelinie, there is shallow water and excellent conditions for beginners, combined with plenty of life and summer atmosphere in urban surroundings. It is possible to rent SUP boards at the harbour in Horsens as well as at Husodde Beach.

Spots: The Inner Harbour and marina, Langelinie, Husodde Beach


Juelsminde - harbour town and holiday atmosphere

The charming holiday town of Juelsminde is located by the Kattegat on the east coast of Jutland. Here, you can explore one of the country's cosiest harbour towns from the water and get a unique insight into the life of the city. Juelsminde is almost surrounded by fine beaches all around the town. It is therefore always possible to find a favourable spot based on wind and weather. You can paddle the entire 5 km trip around the peninsula Bjørnsknude without leaving the town.

Spots: Storstranden (The Great Beach), Juelsminde Harbour and Marina, Bjørnsknude, Sandbjerg Vig Beach, Strandhuse Beach.


Endelave - SUP on the island of rabbits

The island of wild rabbits in the Kattegat Sea, Endelave, is an hour's ferry ride from the east coast of Jutland. Take your SUP board on a day trip to the island, where you can easily position yourself strategically depending on wind and weather. Along the island's long coastline, it's quite peaceful, and you can have a great nature experience on land and at sea by exploring the island with several stops.

Spots: The Harbour, Øvre, Klinten, Kloben, Søndermølle Beach


Saksild Strand - SUP along the east coast's finest beach

One of the absolute best beaches on the east coast of Jutland is located in Saksild Bay, where clear, shallow, calm, and azure-blue water, combined with great facilities, make for an excellent spot for a SUP trip. Parking right by the beach, the possibility of renting SUP boards, and lifeguards are among the benefits. Near Saksild, there are several other beaches with similar conditions but far fewer bathers.

Spots: Saksild Beach, Rude Beach, Dyngby Beach


The Gudenå - downstream on Denmark's only river

The river Gudenå provides a unique setting for SUP. In the southernmost part of the Gudenå, the scenery is quite beautiful and jungle-like, with narrow winding stretches of the river combined with smaller lakes. The southern part of the Gudenå is one-way, allowing paddling only downstream, but you can hop on the Gudenå Bus (Modstrømsbussen) for free back to the starting point. Note that you need to purchase a guest pass for 75 kroner, and navigation is only allowed from June 16th onwards and throughout the year.

Spots: Bredvad Mølle, Tørring, Verdens Ende, Vestbirk Camping, Gudenå Camping, Voervadsbro


Klostermølle - SUP at Jutland's largest lake

At the shore of Jutland's largest lake, Mossø, lies the intriguing cultural and historical destination The Monastery Mill (Klostermølle). Here, near the old monastery/paper mill in the Lake Highlands, you have easy access to the water from a small beach. Mossø, which is part of the River Gudenå, is large enough to have waves and water conditions reminiscent of fjords - especially with easterly winds. On calm days, however, it can be quite beginner-friendly.


Boller - Stand-up paddleboarding tour among seals

On the south side of Horsens Fjord, quite close to the town of Horsens, lies Boller Forest and Boller Castle down towards the coast. Along the stretch from the forest towards the east, there are many seals, and you have the opportunity to paddle past them in the shallow water. The water here in the inner fjord is generally calm and beginner-friendly. However, avoid paddling far out into the fjord to the deep shipping lane, where the current can be quite strong.

Spots: Boller Jetty (Mole) in Boller Forest, Sejet Beach



Hou - fun on the water in the ferry town

Hou (not to be confused with Hou in North Jutland) is best known for its ferry departures to Samsø and Tunø and its large marina. Here, at the gateway to the blue East Jutland, there are good conditions for SUP, and several interesting and diverse spots. It's popular to paddle around the harbour, but be mindful of the many boats and keep a distance from the ferry terminal.

Spots: Hou Harbour, Hou Beach, Hou North Beach, Hølken Beach, Ravnskoven Forest.

Dronefoto af Træskohage Fyr og Grund Skov
Photo: Alexander Mogensen

Vejle Fjord - Beautiful and peaceful

The natural beauty is easy to spot when you're standing on a SUP on the north side of Vejle Fjord. Here, small beaches emerge along Denmark's longest coastal forest with distinctive cliffs. From the wild coast at Stenhøj Beach to the beautiful surroundings at Hotel Vejlefjord's park or the lovely beaches at Daugård and Rosenvold - Vejle Fjord offers great variety and easy access to the coast.

Spots: Rosenvold Beach, Stenhøj Beach, Fakkegrav Beach, Stouby Beach and Træskohage Lighthouse, Daugård Beach.

Blomster ved kysten ved Norsminde Fjord
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Norsminde Fjord - the unknown fjord

South of Aarhus lies the small peaceful Norsminde Fjord, well-hidden in the landscape. It's possible to explore the fjord on a SUP board (can be put into the water west of Kystvejen, on the north side). The trip around the fjord is 7 kilometers. However, be aware that the innermost part of the fjord furthest away is protected during the summer months, as the fjord is a bird sanctuary. At the charming harbour town of Norsminde, you can combine it with a paddleboard trip out to the Kattegat around the small peninsula Kysing Næs.


Experience the world's best surfers in Copenhagen

Our stand up paddle (SUP) guide is developed in close relationship with Surf & SUP Denmark, the national governing body for surfing and SUP, who will host the World SUP Championship in Copenhagen from September 16-22, 2024. Everybody is invited to join the event, as the host will organize a huge paddle festival with lots of side activities. This includes the mass-participation event, Copenhagen SUP, which will give you the opportunity to paddle around Copenhagen harbour and experience the vibrant city from the waterside. Get to know more at https://www.copenhagensup.com/


When you are stand up paddling, it is essential that you are aware of certain safety elements. With the following 5 basic rules, we want to help you have a safe trip on the water.

1. ALWAYS use a leash (rope that connects you to the board)
2. Remember to wear a PFD/life jacket (it's illegal to paddle without)
3. Bring your phone in a waterproof bag
4. Don't go alone on the water and inform someone where you will go and when you expect to return.
5. ALWAYS check wind and weather conditions before going out. Do not go out in offshore winds if you are a beginner or slightly experienced.