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Fishing in the streams of the Coastal Land

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The Coastal Land has many watercourses with outlets in the area’s three fjords, and Denmark’s only river, Gudenåen, also runs through the area. Here there are good opportunities of a good catch of grayling or river trout. Enjoy the silence of nature for yourself or in good company.

Great fishing experiences at the most beautiful part of the river Gudenåen

In the area south of Mos Lake in the hilly, wooded Bakkelandet, you can relax in scenic surroundings and fish in the most beautiful part of the river Gudenåen. The area is characterised by having a large occurrence of grayling but there are also good opportunities for catching river trout

Remember a fishing licence: Read the FAQ below for rules.


NOTE! The grayling are protected from Tørring to Åstedbro and must be released again when caught.

Worth knowing about fishing by the river Gudenåen

The many landowners own the right to fish by the Gudenå river on the stretch. In order to get permission to fish by the Gudenå river, with a few exceptions, a fishing licence must be purchased from the local fishing association.

Fishing licences for the stretch between Tørring and Aastedbro must be purchased from Horsens and Omegns Sports Fishing Association, which has the right to almost the entire stretch. You can buy a day pass for a stretch between Uldum Marsh to where the Gudenå river meets Raskvej, a little south of Åle.

Further north, at Gammelstrup, the association also has a shorter stretch in stunning countryside.

Further north, by Mos Lake, Silkeborg Fishing Association has the fishing rights on the lake’s western shore. If you spend the night at the canoe campsite at The Monastery Mill (Klostermølle), you can fish in the stream in the site’s area by buying a pass from the attendant.

There are several campsites and canoeing campsites along the Gudenå river, and fishing is often permitted from their grounds during overnight stays. Here is an overview:

Tørring Camping: Fishing is allowed from the campsite grounds during overnight stays. 

Åle Tent Site: Fishing is not allowed.

Camp Åstedbro: Fishing is not allowed.

Gudenå Camping & Canoe Rental: Fishing is allowed from the campsite grounds during overnight stays. 

Vestbirk Camping: Association fishing licences can be purchased for the three Vestbirk Lakes, which are part of the Gudenå river.  

Voervadsbro Tent Site: Fishing from the site is allowed during overnight stays. 



No. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to fish while in a canoe - fishing must be done from land.

A couple fishing at Fyelmose Nature Fishing Park

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Streams with outlets in the fjords of the Coastal Land

It is not only the river Gudenåen that is worth a visit for anglers with a penchant for stream fishing. A large number of watercourses flow into Horsens Fjord, Vejle Fjord and Norsminde Fjord, from where it is possible to fish in beautiful, natural surroundings


The streams of Store Hansted Å / Lille Hansted Å

Another excellent fishing stream is Store Hansted Stream, which runs through a larger meadowThe Four Meadows (De Fire Enge), to Nørrestrand wildlife reserve.

The stream is shallow in many places and may appear as mediocre fishing water but it’s deceiving. There is plenty of fish in the stream - eel, pike, river trout, sea trout and perch.

The fishing rights belong to: Horsens and Omegns Sports Fishing Association. Day passes and be purchased. 

Lille Hansted Å stream also has good fishing water. The stream runs through the unusually beautiful Hansted Forest, but fishing here is reserved for members of Horsens and Omegns Sports Fishing Association.

Man fishing from the banks of the river Gudenåen
Photo: Mads Hansen
Fish swimming underwater in the river Gudenåen
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Bygholm Å

is located quite close to Horsens town in the area west of Bygholm Lake.

Here there are plenty of river and sea trout, but you can also catch eel, pike and grayling with a little luck. A lot of deer, buzzards and herons live in the countryside around the stream.

The fishing rights belong to: Horsens and Omegns Sports Fishing Association. To fish, you must be a member of the association


Odder Å

The Odder Å stream starts at the town of Odder and ends in Norsminde Fjord. In the stream you can fish for sea trout and river trout

The fishing rights belong to: Odder Sports Fishing Association. To fish, you must be a member of the association. 


Rohden Å

OBS: Fishing in the Rohden Å stream at Vejle Fjord is currently not permitted due to outbreaks of the fish disease IHN