Fresh produce on a food stall

Explore Odder’s local pantry

Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Do you also feel that food is one of the most important ingredient for a good trip? Do you also think that the best souvenir is the one that tastes good? Then you feel exactly like us. 

Fish, honey or vegetables

Today you are going on a trip in most of the northernmost part of the Coastal Land - namely the area around Odder. In true field-to-fork style. Start the car and take the family on a journey of discovery! Feel free to bring an empty basket that is ready to be filled with goodies. And maybe some glasses and plates, a chopping board and a sharp knife if it’s going to be a really wild day.

Start with a quiet morning in Norsminde. Here, the favourite activity is to catch crabs from the crabbing jetty and of course to catch fish meatballs at Norsminde Fiskehus. Then drive to Odder Museum, buy a jar of honey and a bottle of the resurrected StærkOdder. Also take a trip up to the mill and learn how barley was turned into beer in the old days. At the Ecology Garden you can take seeds home to the garden and organic juice for the trip. 

Fruit, meat, vegetables or wine

Then the trip goes to  Fru Møllers Mølleri, where you fill up with freshly baked bread, aioli with pea shoots and flour for home storage. Drive on to Karensminde Orchard (Frugtplantage) and get hold of their delicious, home-pressed juice and of course a punnet of fantastic cherries, which you can eat in the car. Are you like us and a fan of eating with a view? Then drive straight out to Dyngby Beach and gaze out over the sea.

We are warming up to be able to eat a really delicious lunch now, can you feel it? If Brandbygegaard has stable door sales this day, then go past the farm and fill the car up with cider and wines from the organic family farm. 

Have a really good tasting trip!

Are you hungry for more?

There are many more delicious things to look for on our food of produce and farm shops throughout the Coastal Land - in fact, enough for a three-four-day excursion if you need to have the goodies from the area’s small islands as well.

You can find the printed version at the producers, but you can also download it right here.