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Accessible nature experiences in Kystlandet

Photo: Kasper Rander, Communiko

You want to visit a natural area, but you're not sure if you can navigate with your specific needs. It can be difficult to find information on the topic, but we provide guides to areas in Kystlandet that you can safely visit, regardless of your disabilities. 

Nature should be enjoyable regardless of abilities

Here are our suggestions for outdoor experiences that are suitable for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility.


Guided nature tours and courses for individuals with physical disabilities

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience and enjoy nature. That's the core belief of Outdoor Connection, which specializes in offering nature experiences for people with physical disabilities or other special needs. The guide has experience in assisting this particular target group and has the equipment to enable otherwise inaccessible experiences.

Den Genfundne Bro
Photo: Sarah Green

The Uncovered Bridge

From the public parking lot on Vestbirkvej, an asphalt path leads 300 meters to Den Genfundne Bro (The Uncovered Bridge). If you have difficulty walking or use a wheelchair, you can easily access the bridge and enjoy the view over the Gudenå River. There is a handicap toilet and access to tables/benches at the bridge. Den Genfundne Bro is part of the Horsens-Silkeborg Nature Trail, which is described below. It is therefore possible to follow the asphalt path if you want to explore more of the nature around Vestbirk.

Lifeguard tower at Saksild Beach with guests on the beach
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Saksild Beach

At the coastline near Odder, you will find one of the best beaches on the east coast of Jutland. If you have difficulty walking or use a wheelchair, you can access the water via beach mats that are laid out in the sand. There are two mats from the parking lot to the water and two mats along the waterline. Parking is available close to the beach. There is also easy access to the shops around the beach, and a handicap toilet is available at the beach. During the summer season, lifeguards keep an eye on beachgoers. 


The Nature Path Horsens-Silkeborg

The Naturstien, also known as Bryrupbanestien, is a 61-kilometer long asphalted railway trail that connects Horsens and Silkeborg, passing through villages and natural areas in between. The majority of the route is wheelchair/stroller-friendly. Naturstien Horsens-Silkeborg is a great opportunity for exploring the beautiful nature of Bakkelandet and Søhøjlandet. There are numerous parking lots along the route that provide easy access to the trail.

Par går hånd i hånd på Kyststien ved Hou
Photo: Kristoffer Loft

The Coastal Path at Hou

The coastal path at Hou is a beautiful hiking route with views of the beaches of Odder coast, stretching from the harbor in Hou to Hølken Strand. The first kilometer from the harbor in Hou has a special wheelchair-friendly surface, making the trip enjoyable for wheelchair users. At the end of this stretch, there is a wheelchair-accessible bathing jetty with a crane/lift.

Woman walking her dog by Bygholm Lake
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Bygholm Lake in Horsens

One of the most popular natural areas for nature outings near the city center of Horsens is Bygholm Lake. The 8-kilometer-long trail around the lake along the waterfront primarily takes place on well-maintained gravel paths, where it is possible to get around with a wheelchair and assistance. There are several places along the route where you can park and enjoy the view from picnic tables/benches. If you park at Bygholm Sø Camping, you can go all the way down to the water and take a short walk/ride on the beautiful trail.


The Great Beach at Juelsminde

The popular Blue Flag beach in Juelsminde has been expanded with a long jetty, a lifeguard tower, and a new parking lot right down to the beach. The jetty starts from the parking lot, allowing wheelchair users to easily access the bridge.

Dronebillede af naturområdet Nørrestrand med Horsens by og fjord i baggrunden
Photo: Malik Parsberg Skydsgaard

Nørrestrand bird- and nature reserve

The wildlife reserve Nørrestrand hugs the northern outskirts of Horsens with easily accessible paths and beautiful nature. There are several places on the forested south side where it is possible to drive all the way down to the paths and park your car - for example, at the end of Flintebakken or at the end of Rønnevej. From here, you can take a short walk or drive in the greenery. There is an upper and a lower path on the south side, both of which are relatively well-maintained gravel paths (the upper path being in slightly better condition, especially during wet periods). 

Bænk ved vandet i Daugård Strand
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Daugård Beach at Vejle Fjord

The beautiful Daugård Strand at Vejle Fjord has an asphalted stretch that goes from the parking lot to the beach. From there, via a mat in the sand, you can access one of the beach's bathing piers, which is also accessible for wheelchair users. The view from here is something quite special. There is wheelchair-friendly access to the toilet building, but there is no dedicated accessible toilet. One downside is the asphalted hill between the parking lot and the beach, which requires some effort for wheelchair users.


Langelinie City Beach in Horsens

The city beach Langelinie in Horsens is equipped with a large bathing pier with a ramp that can be used by both wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. It is possible to park at the harbor, about 350 meters from the pier. The Langelinie park is grassy, but there are no wheelchair-friendly paths leading to the pier. However, the lawn is always well-maintained and even.

Two out walking in Palsgaard Castle Park
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Parks in The Coastal Land

Parks, which often have good and well-maintained facilities, are an obvious choice for an excursion in nature for those with physical disabilities. You probably already know this, but have you visited all the city- and castle parks of The Coastal Land? We can recommend, for example, Palsgaard Castle Park, the curved paths near the old sanatorium, and Bygholm Park.

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