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Unik overnitning hos Holmely

Extraordinary places to spend the night in the Coastal Land

Photo: Sarah Green

Make overnight accommodation a part of the experience itself. Here, you can get locked up for the night in an authentic prison cell, wake up refreshed in an old sanatarium or go low key and roll out your sleeping bag on the top of a coastal cliff!


Spend the night behind bars

Are you into authentic experiences? Get locked up and spend the night in a former prison cell in the old state prison in Horsens. Sure, the rooms are vented, and the sheets are clean, but the bars and the wall graffiti are all original, so you get the real feel of spending the night behind bars.


Shelter camp on the top of a coastal cliff

In the Coastal Land, sea view does not cost a fortune. In fact, it is all for free if you bring your own sleeping bag. And the view from the Staksrode Shelter Camp on the northern skirts of Vejle Fjord is priceless!  In clear weather you can see all the way to the island of Funen, and with a barbecue grill over the campfire site, you can prepare yourself a nice meal or roast marshmellows before bedtime.

Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Mansion with a ceiling view!

Forget about sea view – at Jørgensen’s Hotel you get a ceiling view! This boutique hotel is a beautiful, restored mansion from 1744 right in the middle of the historic shopping street in the middle of Horsens. The ceiling has been restored by specialists from Italy who also worked for the Vatican Museum in Rome and Hotel Ritz in Paris. In addition to its elegance, the hotel is also home to a wine bar and a restaurant.

Tree top shelter bei Holmely
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Glamping in the hilly countryside

Tent canvas instead of walls? And a morning bath in a lake instead of a shower? At Holmely, you sleep under the open skies in nature without compromising your comfort. Choose between luxurious glamping tents with comfy beds, a tree top shelter with a view or a real tipi for the colder nights. Holmely is in the area around the river Gudenå called “Bakkelandet” where you find the nature sites The Uncovered Bridge and Sukkertoppen (the sugar hill).

Bødkergaarden B&B
Photo: Bødkergården B&B

Bødkergaarden B&B

Would you like to sleep in one of the oldest and most beautiful houses in one of Denmark’s oldest cities? This bed & breakfast in the centre of Horsens oozes of history and idyll. Book one of the two ...

Hotel Vejlefjords Hotel park
Photo: Hotel Vejlefjord

A former sanatorium

The historical mansion of Hotel Vejlefjord used to accommodate the first tuberculosis sanatorium in Denmark. Today it is a luxurious wellness and spa center with a scenic beauty and a healing effect for both body and mind. You can spend then night at the hotel – also if you are not into the whole spa experience. Instead you can take a hike in the hilly area around the surrounding fjord. Don’t miss the charming light house close to the hotel.  

Drone photo Borre Knob
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Peninsula in Horsens Fjord

If you are looking for breath-taking experiences, take a trip to the small peninsula of Borre Knob – a slightly overlooked nature site in Horsens Fjord. Apart from the 4.5 km. long beach and beautiful nature, you also find a conference center that opens its doors for private guests in summer time. Take a stroll to the tip of the peninsula and back, borrow paddle board, enjoy a game of krolf in the garden or take in the beautiful sight of the fjord in the fireplace lounge.

Shelter og naturlejrplads ved gravhøjene Slaggård Banke i Destination Kystlandet
Photo: Hanne Nielsen

Spectacular two-story shelter

Are you brave enough to sleep between ancient burial mounds? This historic nature camp site at Slaggård Banke is located north-east from Horsens, and is truly unique! The shelter has a door which fully closes and the '1. floor' is perfect for stargazing!   


Immerse yourself in nordic design

Be ready to have your IG-story filled with great shots of this very special bed & bath in the idyllic rural village of Bjerager. Here, the fine lines of traditional Nordic design fully intertwines with Danish 'hygge' - making it the perfect spot for a country-side excursion with the girls, for the couple, or for a silent get-away. #letsgo!