Tre cyklister på cykelferie i Kystlandet

Culture by Bike (Kulturringen) through the Coastal Land

Photo: Martin Ravn

Do you prefer longer tours through beautiful landscape, with the possibility to ride along the coast and go island-hopping? Then journey out on the path Kulturringen – Culture by Bike.

In total, its 540 km route takes you through Eastern Jutland’s beautiful nature and by the most notable cultural sights – however, the route is comprised of 20 individual stages, for you to choose and pick between.

We recommend starting at Moesgaard and ending at Rosenvold beach. The surface on this stretch is paved all the way.

5 stages of coastal lands and cultural experiences

Family on a bicycle trip on the Moesgaard Odder Culture Ring
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

From Moesgaard to Odder (22 km.)

Culture by Bike (Kulturringen) Route 2: This lovely 22,5-kilometre-long bicycle route starts in the forests south of Aarhus. Heading south, it follows the popular coastal holiday area, the Odder Coast before heading inland towards the city of Odder. Along the way you pass several popular beaches and the charming old marina, Norsminde at the entry of Norsminde Fjord.

Tre cyklister på Kulturringen fra Odder mod Gylling
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

From Odder to Gylling (19 km.)

Culture by Bike (Kulturringen) Route 3: The ride starts in Odder. Here, you can explore the many shops, enjoy a nice meal or stock up before the trip. Make a pitstop in the harbour town of Hou and go for a walk while feeling the maritime atmosphere at the big marina and the ferry port. Continue to Gylling, where you will meet several beautiful forrests on your way.

To cyklister cykler ud af en badebro
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

From Gylling to Torrild (41 km.)

Culture by Bike (Kulturringen) Route 4: This 41-kilometre-long bicycle route starts in the village of Gylling south of Odder. From here, you pass through beautiful nature with salt meadows heading to Horsens Fjord, where you cross the dam to the island of Alrø where time is standing still.

Far med to børn nyder udsigten på cykeltur ved bro hen over vand
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

From Hjarnø to Rosenvold (31 km.)

Culture by Bike (Kulturringen) Route 21: Kulturringen stage 21 between Hjarnø and Rosenvold is a 31-kilometrre-long route that offers plenty of attractions, lots of beautiful and varied nature and ocean view. The entire route is waymarked, so it is easy to find your way around the landscape.

Two cyclists ride along a road with water in the background
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

From Rosenvold to Hjarnø (46 km.)

Culture by Bike (Kulturringen) Route 22: Kulturringen Rposenvold-Hjarnø is a 46-kilometre-long waymarked bicycle route on the Juelsminde Peninsula. The route follows the dramatic, forested northern coast of Vejle Fjord and turns north through a constantly changing terrain with villages, fields, forests, and hills until you reach Horsens Fjord.


Stop by the bike repair shop

At Cykelsmeden Odder you can rent the bike for the bicycle holiday or have your own bicycle repaired. You are always welcome to come by and use the bicycle pump or borrow a tool box, so you can take care of the most basic repairs yourself.