Destination Kystlandet

The Kanino

Endelave is the Island of the rabbits. Thousands of wild rabbits live on this small holiday island Southeast of Horsens. By following the Kanino, you will pass some of the preferred habitats of the rabbits, so there are optimal conditions for spotting the furry mascot of the island.

The hiking route with the appropriate name “The Kanino” is a lengthy trip of 21 kilometers around Endelave. On this trip, you will reach some of the backwaters of the island through beautiful landscapes in some of the preserved areas of Endelave, located far from the harbour and city, where the rabbits usually live. The name “the Kanino” is a contraction of the Spanish pilgrimage, the Camino, and the Danish word for rabbit, kanin. 

Most of the route follows the coastline. The route starts at the harbour, so it is connected to the ferry. From the harbour, the route leads west to Kloben and Klinten through sand and rocks. Further along the route, you head east around Lynger Hage on goat tracks and north to the northern tip, Øverste Ende. From here, the route leads back to the harbour on a gravel road until you reach Endelave Strandvej. Along Strandvejen you can see the bird sanctuary, Flasken.

Do you think 21 kilometers is a little too much? Then try the Mini-Kanino of 12 kilometres.

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