Destination Kystlandet

Around the inlet - experience Horsens Fjord by bicycle

Horsens Fjord is one of the most beautiful inlets in Denmark, surrounded by spectacular and diverse nature. On a bike trip around the inlet, you will be riding past beaches and fields, and passing through forests, charming villages, islands and of course the town of Horsens with all its possibilities, events and activities. The route around Horsens Fjord is 52 kilometres long, and you can actually cross the inlet via the islands Alrø and Hjarnø - and the bicycle ferry that sails between the two. 

This bike trip around the inlet starts by Horsens Marina and follows the coast in the northern end of town. Here you are passing the local beach Langelinie and Strandparken, which are both popular excursion spots on a hot summer day. In the part of town called Stensballe the bicycle route has a beautiful view of the inlet, until you arrive at Husodde Strand. From here the route goes through the forests of Elbæk, Brakør and Stensballe towards the charming village Haldrup and further on through hilly lanscapes and gravel paths to Søvind. East of Søvind, you will reach the scenic area of Sondrup with beaches, plantation, forest and very hilly landscape. Also several beautiful vantage points - Trustrup Udsigtshøje and other hilltops in Sondrup and Uldrup hills. 

The majority of this biking route around Horsens Fjord follows the national bike route 5, except the part that crosses the inlet. Thus, east of Sondrup you will leave the national route and turn south towards Amstrup and Alrø. Alrø is a charming island, known especially for its great food. We have three eateries on the tiny island - for example Møllegården, located in a transformed pig house, and Café Alrø with their giant filled patty shells of nationwide fame. Alrø is connected with the mainland to the north by a dam, but when you reach the southside of the island, you must hop on the little bicycle ferry connecting Alrø and Hjarnø. The bicycle ferry carries a maximum of 12 passengers and their bikes, therefore we recommend booking in advance. If you wish to explore Hjarnø, you should take a bike ride around the island. You can also simply continue with the Hjarnø ferry to the small harbour town Snaptun - with its marina atmosphere, nice restaurants and a ferry departure to the island Endelave. 

On the southside of Horsens Fjord, the route passes through farmed areas along the shore and the villages Glud and Sejet. In Glud you can visit Glud Museum - a living museum where you can explore 350 years of Danish village- and rural history. West of Sejet you will reach Boller. Turn right towards Boller Slot (castle) and the beautiful castle park, which is open to the public. From here the route goes through Boller Skov (forest) towards Horsens Fjord until you reach Planetstien (the planet path) at Boller Mole (pier). Planetstien is a path of about three kilometres, following the shore of the inlet. The sun and the planets of the solar system are placed in correct distances from each other in the scale 1:1,5 billions. Planetstien takes you back to Horsens centre and ends very close to the marina, where you started out the trip.

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