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Two hikers skip stones at Horsens Fjord

Horsens Fjord

Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Join us around one of Denmark’s most beautiful fjords with a wonderful mix of nature and great experiences. Incredible countryside awaits for those who love fresh air, hiking, biking, water sports and more.

Horsens Fjord stretches from Horsens Harbour to Gyllingnæs on the north side and to the cosy harbour town of Snaptun on the south side.

Here you will encounter the meandering coastline of the fjord, idyllic villages, the deep quiet tranquillity of the forest, rolling field landscapes, maritime harbour towns, charming islands and not least the cultural town of Horsens.

If you are the type who sleeps with your hiking boots or bicycle helmet on, it’s just about packing the backpack and heading out on the trip around Horsens Fjord – also known as the “Fjordmino”. Go all 59 km and stay overnight along the way, or just take one or more stages of the route.

Here we guide you to the trip and experiences along the way.

Two hikers skip stones at Horsens Fjord


Vandrerute rundt om Horsens Fjord

Photo: Destination Coastal Land
A man on a bicycle and two children on a bridge on Hjarnø

På cykel

Smukt og alsidigt cykelterræn

Photo: Mia Schak
Kajak Horsens Fjord

I kajak

Oplev Horsens Fjord fra vandsiden

Photo: Outdoor Connection

With both hiking and cycling routes and ideal conditions for sea kayaking, kite and windsurfing, the area around Horsens Fjord is a paradise for anyone who loves active nature experiences.

Glud Museum viewed from the road

Det kan du opleve

Guide med oplevelser ved Horsens Fjord

Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Kort over Horsens Fjord

Se alle oplevelser ved Horsens Fjord

Photo: Jesper Rais

Sleep well by the fjord