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Dad and kids meeting the goats at Øko  Ged & Grønt

With the family on a trip

Photo: Jesper Rais

In the Coastal Land, it’s not far from the off button on the iPad and to a wealth of small and big experiences for children and childish souls. We have gathered trip suggestions, fun activities and experiences that you can explore as a family, and where children of all ages can join in.

Out on a trip, always great!

Here you will find suggestions for a fun day with the family

Family on a fun family activity called "The Horsens Rundt treasure hunt" at Horsens Art museum
Photo: David jervidal

On a treasure hunt in Horsens

Get a free family experience with a focus on the town’s history. We take you along 6 kilometres with questions, puzzles, historical landmarks, culture and entertaining activities on the Horsens Rundt treasure hunt.


Family trip to the south side of Horsens Fjord

Can you build stools from a whale skeleton, move an entire farm in a wheelbarrow and sail into the sea with a tractor? Take the family to the scenic south side of Horsens Fjord, and find the answers at Glud Museum and Denmark’s Ferguson Museum.

Family on the Tunø Rundt treasure hunt - one of four treasure hunts in Destination Coastal Land
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Go on a treasure hunt in Odder

Would you like to get to know Odder? The opportunity is here now with the Odder Treasure Hunt. The trip is about 4 kilometres and takes you around the town centre, where you have to solve a number of puzzles to get a medal handed out as proof.

Stenhøj Strand
Photo: Chaline Engelhardt

Beach trips all year round

All weather is good beach weather! On the beaches of the Coastal Land along the Odder coast, on the Juelsminde peninsula or around Horsens, you can walk here all year round, enjoy a picnic, collect beach shells and stones, take a winter swim or just enjoy nature.

Mother and two children looking at treasure maps in front of the anchor in Juelsminde
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

On a treasure hunt in Juelsminde

Are you ready for adventure? Take the family on a fun and active treasure hunt in Juelsminde, and even get a free medal for the little ones as visible proof of their achievement!

Family at at fire ring
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Mythical creatures and furry friends

Do you love all the creatures of the world? At the Children’s Farm and in the Fairytale Forest, you can get close to both furry farm animals and mythical creatures.

AQUA Forum swimming pool
Photo: AQUA Forum

Family trip on a rainy day

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee sun from a cloudless sky for your entire holiday. Fortunately, we have the recipe for a rainy day that makes children smile from ear to ear, and peace in the car home.

Family on the treasure hunt Tunø Rundt - one of four treasure hunts in Destination Coastal Land
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Find the treasure on Tunø

3½ square kilometres of car-free happiness with lots of excitement. This is what you get when you take the family on a treasure hunt on the small island of Tunø, about 8 km. from the Jutland coast. Download the treasure map and join the hunt for medals and fun learning!

Girl in the play tower in Juelsminde Nature Play Park
Photo: David Jervidal

Family dream on a silver platter

With a nature play park, crab racetrack, sandy beach and legendary ice cream - in addition to places to eat at the inviting marina - Juelsminde just needs one single day to create loyal followers.

Fresh produce on a food stall
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Explore Odder’s local pantry

Do you also feel that food is one of the most important ingredient for a good trip? Do you also think that the best souvenir is the one that tastes good? Then you feel exactly like us

Photo: Jesper Rais

A day at the coast

Take an excursion and explore the local coast on the north side of Horsens Fjord.

Drone photo of Uldum marsh
Photo: Hedensted Municipality

Travel to the End of the World at Uldum Marsh

There is a large bog and marsh area in Uldum Marsh by the Gudenå river, which is fantastic to explore for both young and old. Also visit Uldum Mill, where marsh bodies, millstones and oatmeal go hand in hand.

Aerial view of Husodde at Horsens Fjord with Husodde beach and Horsens City Camping
Photo: Horsens City Camping

Trip to the local beach at Husodde

When the sun is high in the sky, the beach is calling. At Husodde Beach on Horsens Fjord there are both excellent swimming conditions and the opportunity to play mini golf or hire a sea kayak.


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