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Sondrup Beach

This intimate beach is located at the banks of Horsens Fjord in a nature area characterized by forest and hills. The beach is well-suited for a quick dip or as a picnic area on a hike or bicycle ride in the area.

Small beach at Horsens Fjord

On the northside of Horsens Fjord there is a small old fishing village in the hilly forested landscape around Sondrup Hills. Here you will find a small bathing beach next to a handful of holiday homes. The beach is very peacefully located far from heavy traffic and well sheltered from the surroundings.

Do not expect an abundance of facilities, an ice-cream parlour or the likes. The attraction here is nature and the peace and quiet.

There is a big parking lot with a toilet and a set of steep stairs leading down to the beach. There is a long wooden bathing jetty available at the end of the stairs that invite you to a swim in the fjord’s fine bathing water. The beach is not very wide and not particularly sandy. Therefore, it is not the ideal choice for sunbathing.

Sondrup Beach is not very far from the characteristicly wide and kilometre long sandy beaches of the Odder Coast. Nonetheless it feels like a different world when you stand on Sondrup Beach surrounded by forest and slopes with a view of the islands in Horsens Fjord.


Idyllic rural charm

On your way to the parking lot, you will pass through the small village on Sondrup Strand which oozes of charming rural atmosphere. At the end of the road, you will reach the small fishing village which was used for commercial fishing from 1860-1960. Many fishermen and their families lived small traditional cabins – a few of which still remain and help give the place its special charm.


The lovely nature

The area around Sondrup Beach is a popular excursion point with several nature attractions and farm shops. The area is especially suited for hiking and biking in the hilly landscape. Both the bicycle route and the hiking route around Horsens Fjord passes close by Sondrup Beach, and it is also possible to hike shorter roundtrips. For example, we recommend that you follow the signs heading west towards Brigsted. You can also combine with a roundtrip in the nearby Sondrup Plantation which is one of the most beautiful forested areas in East Jutland with its hills. You should also consider heading to Trustrup Hills where you can gaze at the magnificent view of Horsens Fjord.

Skablund Forest is located behind Sondrup Beach and goes all the way down to the coast. There is a small campsite here with a fire ring. It is allowed to put up your tent anywhere in Skablund Forest.


Have an authentic taste of the local area

There are a series of interesting farm shops and local food manufacturers near Sondrup. Visit  the organic farm Brandbygegaard who produce their own wine and also sell many other of their own products. You should lso consider visiting the biggest antique dealer shop in East Jutland at Møllebo Antik.


A short trip to Alrø

When you stand on Sondrup Beach and look across the fjord, you will look directly at the island Alrø in front of you. Alrø is connected to the mainland via a dam a little east of Sondrup. The island is known for is known for its interesting eateries. You can eat in a former pig stall, try bison meat on a bison farm or taste one of the popular giant patty shells of nationwide fame.

You can read more about Alrø on this page.