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Shelter on Tunø

This shelter on the southside of the holiday island Tunø is for general use. The shelter is located near the highest point on the island with a great view of fields and the ocean. This is your opportunity to experience Tunø over two days with free primitive accommodation.

Sleep outside on the car-free island

This shelter is found approx. 1 kilometre from the ferry port in the southern part of Tunø. The shelter is privately owned but available for general use for the outdoor tourist who wishes to sleep outside. It is timbered and has room for 8 people. There are tables and benches next to the shelter but no further facilities.

The shelter is located only a short hike away from the shops, eateries, and activity on the island. You can stock up on supplies at the grocery store, Tunø Merchant’s House, including purchase of firewood.

The shelter is surrounded by trees in an otherwise open area. It is placed next to the highest point on the island, colloquially known as “the mountain”. It is only a small hill but offers a nice view to the ocean.

It is not possible to book the shelter. The early bird gets the worm. There is room for 8 people in the shelter. Please note that you are not allowed to refuse other guests until full capacity is reached.


How to find the shelter

The shelter is found between the streets Øvrevej and Søndenom. It is not accessible from Øvrevej.

To reach the shelter you must walk west on Søndenom until the road becomes a goat track. A grass-covered path leads to the shelter on your right-hand side.


The alternative

There is also a camp site with shelters on the north part of the island which can be booked. There are generally more and better facilities at the camp site at the north beach. You can read more about the camp site here.


About Tunø

Tunø is known for its unique island atmosphere which is, among other things, caused by the beautiful nature and the complete absence of cars. The area around the harbour is full of life and activity during the summer period with interesting eateries and shops. Tunø is quite small and you can easily walk the 8-kilometre long hiking route around the island along the coast at the top of high slopes with an impressive view.

You can find inspiration for experiences on Tunø on this page.