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Rohden Manor

In the 1800’s there were 2 manors; Over Rohden and Low Rohden.

In 1869 the manors were made into one by the former owner, Eggertsen. Hereafter the name was Rohden Manor.

In 1897 the manor was bought by Baron Flemming Lerche and his wife Anne-Sophie Luttichau. They build the main building.

In 1923 the manor was bought by Folmer Luttichau and stayed in family ownership for 3 generations.

In 2003, Rohden Manor was acquired by Anders Kirk Johansen, and is now used as private residence for him and his family.

As Rohden manor is privately owned as a residence, access for the public is not allowed. However it is allowed to walk in the forests in compliance with the rules from the Forest- and Nature department.