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NIOR Bistro Horsens

Classic fish dishes, homemade sourdough bread, and plenty of ice cream – the locally famed and beloved concept from NIOR in Juelsminde has found its way to the picturesque surroundings of Horsens Marina.

A popular concept in beautiful new surroundings

The opening of this new restaurant might make a delightful gastronomic déjà vu, as all the best from a known and beloved dining concept from Juelsminde moves into Horsens.

Gathered under one roof at the harbour in Horsens, you can enjoy both classic Danish dishes with cool drinks, create your own ice cream from the 36 flavour varieties, or take home a light and airy sourdough bread for lunch – the perfect combination for the discerning palate.


Classic Danish culinary experiences with a view of the fjord

NIOR Bistro Horsens is open for both lunch and dinner, and the menu is virtually the same as at NIOR Bistro in Juelsminde.

The focus is largely on fish, and you can choose from a fine selection of popular fish dishes, but you can also get burgers, salads, a good beef fillet, and dishes for the youngest members of the family. The food can be enjoyed inside the restaurant or on the large beautiful terrace. Can one imagine anything better than a seafood bowl and a glass of chilled white wine on a summer day? Whether you're inside or out, there's a view of the ship masts and the fjord water.

On this page, you can see the full menu of NIOR Bistro Horsens.

You also have the option to order the dishes to go. Takeaway can be ordered on this page.


Ice cream bar with a huge selection

The people behind NIOR Bistro Horsens also operate one of Denmark's best ice cream parlors in Juelsminde, Havnens Café & Isbar. They bring the immensely large selection of ice cream and toppings to the marina in Horsens. NIOR Bistro Horsens offers the city's largest selection of ice cream - a total of 36 different scoops for ice cream cones, soft serve with various flavour variations, and toppings galore.

Yes, and you can also enjoy delicious temptations like iced coffee, Belgian waffles, or pancakes with ice cream, smoothies, milkshakes, cakes, and pies.


The city's sourdough bakery

At NIOR Bistro Horsens, you can also buy delicious, freshly baked sourdough bread from Seia Surdejsbageri. The bakery sale is open from 7-12 am., and during this period, you can get, among other things, breakfast pastries, rye bread, and high-quality cakes, which we highly recommend.


A house for everyone, all year round

NIOR Bistro Horsens is a place where everyone - regardless of age and preferences - can have a great experience. Whether you want to enjoy fresh fish by the water's edge, a romantic dinner in cozy surroundings, a huge ice cream from the city's new ice cream mecca, freshly baked bread, or cool drinks with friends, NIOR Bistro Horsens creates the perfect setting.

From 4-5 pm, there is a happy hour with double drinks and draft beer. Here, at the end of the workday, the atmosphere is good, but there is also plenty of room to enjoy an afternoon coffee with cake.

NIOR regularly hosts events such as themed gourmet evenings, tastings, or cozy event evenings in the glow of candlelight. Keep an eye on NIOR's website, where future events will be announced.


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The owners of NIOR Bistro Horsens are some of the most resourceful people we know, and they often present exciting news and new concepts. We recommend following them on Facebook, where you can get inspiration for some of the many options in the city's new versatile food house.