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Mural paintings in Horsens

Over the past few years, Horsens has been adorned with a wide array of beautiful and colorful mural paintings on gables, as well as installation art created by renowned national and international artists. Explore the city center and behold the numerous fascinating artworks, all within walking distance.

In Horsens, the gables are fascinating

Horsens Municipality and Horsens Art Museum have jointly embarked on enhancing the cityscape through art. Consequently, they have invited a range of Danish and international artists to embellish the numerous gables with stunning, thought-provoking works. These artworks are concentrated around the city center and are positioned quite close to each other. Some of the art pieces can be found in the western part of the city around FÆNGSLET (the former Horsens State Penitentiary).


Learn more about the gable paintings

Every year, artists are invited to Horsens to transform otherwise dull facades into captivating experiences. Currently, there are 49 works. You can get an overview of them and read about each artwork on MÆRK Byens website.


Don't you also have many sculptures in Horsens?

Yes! Horsens has its own sculpture boulevard, running from the train station to the harbor through the city centre. It's an equally impressive art experience as the gable paintings. We certainly recommend taking a stroll where you'll find sculptures by renowned artists such as Christian Lemmerz, Michael Kvium, Maria Rubinke, and Bjørn Nørgaard.

You can read more about the Boulevard of Sculptures in Horsens on this page.


More art in Horsens?

On this page, you can find inspiration for more art experiences in Horsens and its surroundings.