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Boulevard of Sculptures in Horsens (Skulpturalléen)

In the heart of Horsens, you can experience a range of art pieces in the streetscape created by some of the most renowned artists of our time. The sculpture boulevard spans over three kilometers from the train station through Denmark's widest pedestrian street to Horsens Marina.

Free art out in the open

In recent years, the center of Horsens has been enriched with a range of art pieces in the streetscape by renowned artists such as Christian Lemmerz, Maria Rubinke, and the locally born Michael Kvium. The sculptures are all publicly accessible in the city space. As many of the sculptures naturally followed a line from the train station and into the center, it was decided to work on expanding the number of sculptures precisely here. The sculpture boulevard is continuously developing, and more art pieces will be added to further beautify the cityscape and the new harbor promenade.


Art pieces in the streetscape

Mathilius Schack Elo: Triton. Banegårdsparken

Michael Kvium: Seven, Vitus Bering Parken

Svend Lindhart: Mother with children, Vitus Bering Parken

Kaj Rugholm: Pas de Deux, Vitus Bering Parken

Holger Christensen: The girl with the golden horn, Søndergade

Michael Kvium: Male figure, Levysgade

Tal R: Little Cannon, Søndergade

Hugo Liisberg: Deer well, Søndergade

Christian Lemmerz: Madonna (Darfur), Søndergade

Gerhard Henning: Sitting Girl, Søndergade

Christian Lemmerz: Adam, Søndergade

Christian Lemmerz: Hyena with child, Søndergade

Michael Kvium: Double Blind, Søndergade

Kirsten Ortwed: Bering Island, Torvet

Filip Møller: Memorial for fallen soldiers in Allied service during World War II, Havneallé

Bent Sørensen: Blue and black, Niels Gyldings Gade

Maria Rubinke: WANNA BE MERMAID, Jan Trøjborgs Plads

Maria Rubinke: REMEMBER TODAY... For it is the beginning of always, Nordre Kaj

Michael Kvium: Hverdag, Horsens Marina


Find the sculptures on the digital map

On this digital map (Google Maps), you can find all the art pieces of the sculpture alley through the GPS function on your smartphone.


Keep an eye on the gables

In addition to the many sculptures, the center of Horsens is also enriched with a range of newer gable paintings and murals. Enjoy a day in the name of art in Horsens and combine the sculpture boulevard with a tour of the area's many beautiful art pieces on the city's walls. You can download Horsens Municipality's street art map with gable paintings on this page and follow it around the city.

To conclude the day, you can visit Horsens Art Museum, which offers an impressive collection of modern Danish art. In the museum's café, we recommend the famous beef sandwich, which has been voted Denmark's best.