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The Kystlandet Food Map

Taste the local gastronomy and see how our ingredients and delicacies are produced. In true farm-to-fork-style. With our Food Map in hand, you are well on your way. 

Your guide to the local pantry

From farm to fork – the taste experiences are calling for you. Let our food map guide you to the local food manufacturers and gain an insight into the production of ingredients and delicacies. 


Ecology, environment and great stories

Pick your own organic strawberries and then tap the fresh whole milk to go with it, at the dairyfarm of the next village. Or go on a tour of a winery, visit a mill or follow the production of beer and smoked salt. Many manufacturers focus on the enviroment, and organic products are handmade and homemade.


Find your way to the local products and farm shops

Get your hands on our food map by visiting the manufacturers or download it right here.

We also gathered all the addresses in this Google Map, so that you can go explore right away.

Have a wonderful trip!


Please be aware of seasonal and varying opening hours

  • Det Lille Røgeri: Fresh and smoked delicacies in cosy shop at the river Gudenå.
  • Huusom's: Bread, pastries, sandwiches, and much more. Eat in the café or take something delicious with you on your trip. 
  • Gaardens Grønt: Pick-your-own strawberries, peas, and mpumpkins directly from the field. 
  • Tinnetgaard: Organic farm shop & barn-door sales of eggs, potatoes, meat and specialities.
  • Uldum Mølle: Organic flour, honey, mustard, boiled sweets, etc. in mill shop from 1895.
  • Det Lille Økori: Micro farm selling oyster mushrooms, microgreens and gourmet vegetables. 
  • Bjerre Kød: Traditional butcher's shop with a big selection of quality meat. Tapas and open Danish sandwiches to-go. 
  • Barrit Mejeri: Classic dairy with a wide range of your favourite cheeses.
  • Juelsminde.nu: Large fish shop and sourdough bakery on the harbourfront with fresh fish and smoked delicacies.
  • Endelave Lægeurtehave: Herb garden open to the public with flower, herb and plant sales.
  • Tanggården Endelave: Locally produced seaweed specialities - eg pesto, beer, rum and mustard.
  • Hjarnø Kartofler: New potatoes, grown and dug from the fertile island soil.
  • Hjarnøkassen: Buy fresh island vegetables on Hjarnø, or have a box delivered on the mainland. 
  • Hanstedgaard: Organic farm shop on a manor near Horsens.
  • Hanstedholm: Organic meat, vegetables, and delicious preserves. Visit the roadside stall year-round. 
  • Romdeluxe: Spirits shop with tastings, showroom and its own production of rum.
  • Strandgårdens Frugtplantage: The roadside food stall offers fruit, vegetables, and microgreens in season. You can also pick-your-own apples from the orchard. 
  • Alrø Købmandsgård: Bison farm with view of the fjord and homemade products in shop and café.
  • Farm Living Ged & Grønt: Organic farm shop selling goat's meat and cheese. 
  • Brandbygegaard: Organic farming with barn-door sales of wine and cider, etc.
  • Karensminde Frugtplantage: Pick your own favourite fruits and berries or buy them from the farm shop.
  • Vejlskovgaard Mejeri: Follow the milk from cows in the barn and tap the fresh whole milk yourself.
  • Fru Møllers Mølleri: Luxury farm shop, mill, butchery, ice cream dairy and much more. 
  • Odder Museum: Beer, honey and other specialties made using old techniques.
  • Økologiens Have: Seeds, plants and specialties in organic garden open to the public.
  • GROFT: Organic bakery, deli, and store. Delicious, cakes, specialties, and sandwiches. 
  • Tunø Røgeri: Smoked fish delicacies perfectly located on Tunø Harbour. 
  • Norsminde Fiskehus: The best fish cakes in East Jutland in charming harbour setting.