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Juelsminde Fisk

At the marina in Juelsminde, you find this traditional fishmonger’s, where you can always buy a large selection of freshly smoked products, carved fish, and much more.

Well-stocked fishmonger’s in the middle of the marina

Juelsminde Fisk is a fishmonger’s as well as a delicatessen and a butcher’s, all in one shop, where the smell of freshly smoked products, freshly fried fishcakes and fish fillets tantalize your sense of smell as soon as you enter the shop.

Here, quality and service are paramount and everything is made in-house. Juelsminde Fisk is happy to provide guidance on cooking as well as provide inspiration. The staff is very passionate about their profession and are happy to assist with your enquiry.

With its wide selection of seafood, you can most likely find what you are looking for here. You are also welcome to pop in and let yourself be inspired for what to cook for dinner.

In addition to the many fish, the freshly smoked products, seafood and a plethora of herring, the shop also offers a wide range of cold cuts, delicacies and various specialties. You can also find exciting ready meals that just need heating.


A pivotal point of the town for the past 90 years

For almost a century, there has been a fishmonger’s in the buildings at the Juelsminde marina. Throughout the years, this business has been a symbol of quality and has been a contributing factor in the development of the harbour area. Juelsminde Fisk is not just a shop but also a piece of local cultural heritage - a place you must visit during your stay in town.


Bistro NIOR

Adjacent to the fishmonger’s is a popular eatery where you can enjoy the delicious fish that is sold in the shop. In addition to the wonderful signature fishcakes, you can get a lot of other fish as well as meat dishes, tapas, and much more.

During the summer, the bistro offers a large, heavenly buffet with everything the heart desires. The buffet is served in a large rowing boat filled with fish specialties. And the staff barbecues meat outside the bistro.

There is plenty of seating both outdoors and indoors. When the sun is shining, you can sit outdoors on the terrace or right down by the harbour quay and its fantastic views.