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Inshore fishing at the north coast of Horsens Fjord

Horsens Fjord’s winding northern coastline offers many interesting and peaceful fishing spots.

Fishing at Sondrup Beach

This peaceful nature beach is located north of the island Alrø. Sondrup Beach is one of the less stable fishing spots around Horsens Fjord – especially when it comes to sea trout. There are plenty of garfish though, and good chances of a catch in season. Sondrup Beach is best in the garfish season (May-August) but is also fairly good during winter.

There is a public parking lot at Sondrup Beach. A path at the parking lot leads down to a bathing jetty on the beach. Angling is best on the right side of bathing jetty. Wading is often necessary – especially for fly fishers. Spin fishers should try long throws.


Fishing at Troensø / Brakør Forest

One of the most popular angling spots on the northern coast of the fjord requires a hike. You can park around Husodde Beach, and from here you must follow the beautiful hiking route, The Fjordmino eastwards for 2.5 kilometres.

The destination of the hike is Troensø where the coastline turns 90 degrees to the north. This is a very changeable spot which is sometimes an island that you have to wade to. But most often it is a tongue that allows you to go to the end of the tongue dryshod.

From the reef you can fish with a great view of the fjord.  Sea trout fishing is great here with good chances of catching big fish.

You can fish on both sides of the reef. The conditions are interesting here with a varied ocean floor with seaweed belts, mussel banks, and deepenings.

Sea trout fishing is good during spring and autumn, but the spot it is also good during warm winters. There is also a good chance of catching garfish and eel.


Fishing at Husodde Beach

Husodde Beach is a popular bathing beach in the outskirts of Horsens that attracts many bathing visitors during summer season. Therefore, you should not fish at Husodde from May till September and never from the bathing beach itself.

Fishing is best east of the beach. This is a good winter spot with a good chance of a catch during the colder months – especially at the stone groyne. There are also plenty of sea trouts here during spring and autumn. The sea floor is quite varied here with mussel banks, deepenings, and stretches of soft floor.

There is a parking lot at the beach.


Fishing on Alrø

The island Alrø has good spots at the dam and the southern end of the island, Egehoved, which goes all the way to the fairway between Alrø and Hjarnø. You can read more about fishing on Alrø on this page.


Fishing at Gyllingnæs

Gyllingnæs is the name of the big peninsula at the end of the fjord. It takes a long hike to get here – but it is worth it. Read more about fishing at Gyllingnæs on this page.


Other fishing spots in the area

On this page about coastal fishing in the Coastal Land, you can find inspiration for your next catch and get an overview of fishing spots on this part of the east coast of Denmark.


Do you need fishing equipment?

Effektlageret is the biggest retailer of fishing equipment in the local area. In addition to their webshop, Effektlageret also has a store in Horsens with a big selection of equipment for all types of fishing.


Experiences at Horsens Fjord

Horsens Fjord has exciting routes, islands, accommodation, experiences, and much more. You can find information and inspiration for your trip to Horsens Fjord on this page.