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Inshore fishing at Horsens Harbour

Where am I allowed to fish?

You are allowed to fish on the north side of the inner Old Harbour and to the east (marked with a green line on the map), and also from the piers of the marina. There is freedom with responsibility, so:

  • Before you start fishing, be mindfull of the position of ladders leading from the water to the quay, in case someone falls into the water.
  • Bring all your litter with you when you leave.
  • Please comply with the minimum size limits and conservation regulations

Make sure that you do not fish into the conservation area off the marina. The penalty for violation is a fine of 2.500 DKK. The conservation area is marked with light green in the map.

What can I catch and when?


The herring is a harbinger of spring in April. Please do not catch more than you need. No conservation regulations or minimum size limits.


The garfish arrive in the start of May to spawn in low water. After spawning, they linger around until August where they leave again.  They must be caught with spinning baits, flies and herring pieces on 3-hook rigs thrown on bombarda floats. No conservation regulations or minimum size limits.


The mackerel arrives (if it arrives) in the end of July and in August. It can be caught the same way as garfish.

Sea trout

Sea trout can be caught all year. Be aware that spawning (coloured) fish are protected in salt water from November 16 to January 15. Silver sea trout can be caught all year in salt water. After spawning, the sea trout quickly turns silver again, but if it is very thin it should be released. Minimum size is 40 cm.


The same as the sea trout, but the minimum size is 60 cm in salt water. The salmon has a slim base of tail on hardly any spots below the lateral line.


Flounders can occasionally be caught by the harbour. Minimum size is 23 cm. No conservation regulations apply. Can be caught on a hook with lugworm or earthworm.


No conservation regulations. Minimum size is 40 cm. Can be caught on a hook with lugworm or earthworm.

It is sensible to bring a long-shafted telescopic landing net when fishing at a wharf or quay of call. If you catch a big fish, you will often lose it when trying to lift it out of the water.