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Endelave Kro - restaurant

Endelave Kro & Gæstgiveri is an inn located only a 10-minute-walk away from the ferry berth.

In our cosy restaurant, you are welcome to relax in front of our wood stove with today’s newspaper or a good book. On a warm summer’s day, you can enjoy the food or the island’s bustling life from the patio in front of the inn. The food at Endelave Kro is traditional Danish inn dishes, cooked from scratch with the best ingredients. Classics like fried beef tartare, shooting star (open Danish sandwich with fish fillet and rye bread) and Wiener Schnitzel are on the menu, and you can also find unique dishes like rabbit and common mussels.
Our traditional open Danish sandwiches (smørrebrød) are popular for lunch. We always exert ourselves when food and “hygge” is the focal point.

In the shoulder season, Endelave has perfect conditions for hiking in the beautiful, raw nature. Due to the size of the island, you can walk around and see the varied nature in a couple of days. “Øvre” in the northern part of Endelave has a large preserved area where the nature and tranquility is absolutely fascinating. Klinten (the cliff) in the south that has a view to Æbelø and northern Funen is also worth a visit. The island has a plentiful wildlife and fauna and is known for its many wild rabbits. Endelave Kro offers to prepare a packed lunch that you can bring with you for a hiking excursion. Packed lunch can be ordered in advance if you wish to have a picnic in the nature. 

The island is filled with life and activity during high season. One should take the time to visit the local attractions such as Endelave Church, The Medicinal Herb Garden and the local museum.
The Endelave Marina has a cosy environment. Here you can buy sausages or take a swim in the blue ocean.

Endelave is characterized by a very open local community with a large sense of solidarity that is quite unique. There are many volunteers who help create an island filled with activities and offers.

To get to Endelave, you can take the ferry from Snaptun and enjoy the 1-hour ride on the ocean. If you are capable of walking, you won’t need to bring your car – you can leave it at the harbour in Snaptun. On Endelave, you can rent bicycles. Guided tractor- and horseback riding tours are available for groups.