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Brasseriet FÆNGSLET

Brasseriet FÆNGSLET is a cosy and informal eatery focusing on high quality ingredients, good service and delicious meals for lunch. Located in unique surroundings at FÆNGSLET in Horsens it is recommendable to visit Brasseriet FÆNGSLET in connection to a visit to the prison museum or when you are in the mood for lunch in charming surroundings.

Great dining experiences in a historic setting

This atmospheric café is located in a unique setting at the old Horsens State Penitentiary. Brasseriet FÆNGSLET is a diverse and informal restaurant where there is room for everyone. And you do not have to pay an entrance fee to enter. You are always welcome at the café.


Well-known dishes with a modern touch

At Brasseriet FÆNGSLET, the focus is on good produce. Specially selected local and organic produce form the core of the dishes on the menu, consisting of classic café dishes. The menu has a selection of Danish open sandwiches, filled sandwiches, salads and Brasseriet's tapas board, chili con carne and much more. No matter what, you are assured of solid craftsmanship and well-prepared food.

Brasseriet is a good choice for lunch, but you are also welcome to drop in for a cup of coffee, a piece of homemade cake or a homemade bun. There is also a good selection of beverages and specialty beers brewed at FÆNGSLET.


Opening hours

Brasseriet FÆNGSLET's opening hours are the same as those of the Prison Museum. It is open Tuesday-Sunday. You can find the current opening hours on the website.



FÆNGSLET in Horsens is the major attraction of the city and offers world-class events, the largest prison museum in Northern Europe, the opportunity to spend the night behind bars and a large conference venue. Read more about activities at FÆNGSLET.